Mar 18, 2016

Things That Make Me Happy

So, as part of my "cheer the eff up and stop being mopey" plan, I'm trying to actively focus on the good parts of my life and the things that make me happy.  For your viewing pleasure, here are the things that I could find cute pictures for.

1. Family Time!

And especially being active with my family!  Ryan's birthday was a Wednesday, so he took the day off work and we went hiking.  Toast did fantastic, after initially being frightened of the harness, and we had an awesome 2 hours of wandering around in woodsy areas.

2. Killer Closet

I'm hoping I'll eventually feel this way about the rest of the house, but our closet organization is killing it!  For now, the closet (yes, that's right the closet) is my happy place, with the best mix of organization, color, and simplicity to be found anywhere in our home.

3. Nerding Out

Painting with a Twist and these Tardis paintings.  Doctor Who might have been taken off of Netflix, but that doesn't mean we can't find other ways to indulge our fandom!  We went completely off the rails during the class and the results were... interesting.

4. My Babies (Sometimes, When They're Good)

When my pups actually like me!  Toast never gets this close willingly.  I had to bribe her with popcorn.  But when you consider that she was too afraid to even try popcorn when we first got her, this is a total win.  Luke is, of course, being a ham and trying to keep all the popcorn and bellyrubs for himself.

Other Things That Make Me Happy (that I don't happen to have phone photos for)
  • When people call or text me just to chat
  • When Sister2 thanked me for being the reliably enthusiastic family member for news and events
  • New clothes
  • Finding the optimal arrangement for something
  • Letting go of physical and emotional baggage
  • A clean car
  • Watching people laugh (the best is that big belly laugh when they throw their head back and really let go)
  • Febreeze bombing the house
  • Friends (and people) who like you and say it
  • Spinach salads with fruit on them (strawberries, craisins, pineapple, you name it!)
  • When Ryan calls me "lady"
  • Vacations
  • Conversations that teach you something
  • Conversations that teach you nothing but make you laugh
  • New experiences
  • Writing and having people care enough to discuss it with me
Thanks, guys.

What makes you happy?  What do you do when you're feeling down?

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  1. Toast looks so happy even if you did bribe her into it, I feel like she's going to come around and realize you're her forever family!

    I want to paint and wine, well I just want to paint but coordinating a schedule with Tyson and my friends to make it happen is next to impossible.

  2. Many of these things make me happy too. Glad Toasty adapted and you got to have a fun family day out! Also I will forever have serious closet envy.


    okay i guess this isn't a huge deal because i own all of it, but i'm still mad!!!! LOVE your paintings.

  4. I love your paintings, Jenn. You are so talented! Confession time: I have never watched Doctor Who. By the time it hit my radar, it had been on for a long time. I'm not if it is the type of show you can just start watching, but I hear so many good things about it. My closet is not organized or zen. Yours looks amazing. I'm not really sure if any part of my house is super organized at the moment, but it's something I'm committed to doing this Spring. Clean out the clutter, in my home and mind. My family is coming to visit this summer so that keep me motivated. :)

    1. Thank you - it's actually pretty cut and dry, though. The instructor's show you everything you need to know. I feel like you could probably just pick Doctor Who up wherever, but there are inside jokes and stuff that might get missed. When we started watching we were already 9 or 10 seasons behind and I think we're catching up, but it does take time.

  5. Love the paintings! ANd yay for family time- pups included! Isn't it great when they actually show affection?! We got back to Blue's apt yesterday and the cat was all loving on us after being away for 4 days, and it was awesome lol. He's not really a cuddler but he was yesterday! I actually have a list of 101 things that make me happy that I wrote down and refer back to when I'm feeling crappy- it definitely helps! I also clean or read when I'm down- it gets my mind off whatever it is that's bothering me.

  6. Ohhhh look at your closet!!!! I need to do a spring cleaning in mine to purge a few more items that I still haven't touched all winter. Love family time and dog time, that always makes me happy. And ice cream.

  7. Closet organization gets me excited too. In sad that my house had horrible small closets. Im so glad toast is doing well. A year from now you'll be blown away at how far she's come.


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