Apr 11, 2016

Video Game Orchestra - An April Adventure

Remember how I'm supposed to find an adventure for each month?  Well this one wasn't anything too crazy, but it was fun.

I'd been wanting to take a trip, so after a couple of false starts, Ryan found a Zelda symphony in the DC area and we decided to make a weekend of it.  Zelda is one of the games we both like (and have actually finished Windwaker) so hearing a full orchestra play the music sounded pretty interesting.

Interesting is an understatement.  I think when you play a game, you don't tend to give much heed to the music other than an initial "I like it/don't like it."  Or at least I don't.  But hearing the full orchestra play was captivating, and beautiful, and a few different songs gave me chills.  It upped the nostalgic value by running scenes from the game behind the orchestra, and watching the different instruments as they traded off to evoke different moods was amazing (scary, shrieking music?  Watch the violins yank those bow strings up).

It's hard to convey in words, but there was one song where the choir's voices joined the instruments and it just felt like exaltation.  Beautiful and powerful and it gave me a whole new appreciation for the amount of work that goes into video games (I have a Pandora station that is mostly Skyrim music).

If you're curious, there's some versions of it on Youtube, but it's definitely better in person.

The rest of the weekend was equally amazing.  We did a lot more wandering and exploring and shopping than usual.  Just a general spontaneity that's very unlike us.  It was awesome.  We also visited some friends we hadn't seen in quite some time and played Boss Monster (which is hilarious because you play the monsters, build your dungeon, and attempt to kill all the heroes), ate so much tasty food, and wandered a good 8 miles of trail in Arlington.

This is a hummus plate and a "ham and jam" tray.  I also had my first ever "pork wing" which I somehow did not realize would have bones and were much too messy for the upscale, kind of snooty place we happened to be eating in.  Glad for the cultural experience; don't intend to repeat.

Have you ever been to a concert for a game, or other fandom?

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  1. I love this weekend, it looks like you guys had a lot of fun. I also love that you did spontaneous wandering, more people should know how much fun it is!

  2. Very interesting indeed. Never heard of anything like it. PS Zelda is one of my fave childhood games.

  3. I want a ham and jam tray!!!! YUM!!!!! So this Zelda orchestra that you saw sounds like an amazing thing!!!! Chris and I are always commenting about the music in video games so it would be really cool to see it come to life!

  4. I love this more for it being so out-of-the-ordinary than for anything else. I don't play video games, but I do have some songs saved- I find it (mostly) soothing. Sounds like a fun weekend getting out exploring and being spontaneous!

  5. I've never heard of a thing like this but oh man, it sounds amazing! So cool and creative and I bet it was so awesome to hear something you're so familiar with in a different way. Awesome job adventuring ;)

  6. I'd have loved to have gone to the concert. As a former band kid, I love stuff like that. I've never heard of Boss Monster but I dated a few guys that were really into Magic. I am not a fan of sitting and playing card games. I think I am to ADD for that, but I loved listening to them talk about it.


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