May 24, 2016

My Favorite Web Comics

I mentioned a couple of these in my favorite Instagrams post, but I have a few more that I absolutely adore and wanted to share with you guys.


Math, science, typography, this guys knows seemingly everything and while I don't understand all of his jokes, I always laugh at the ones that I do.  I sometimes say "there's an XKCD for everything" and I honestly think he's covered a broad enough range that there is almost always a relevant strip from XKCD.

2. Sarah's Scribbles

Cute and funny and all too often evoking the cliche "SO TRUE!"  If you, too, struggle with adulting, then you'll get a kick out of this (and you don't even have to like the world adulting, because she doesn't use it).

3. Hyperbole and a Half

Sadly defunct, this comic had some absolutely amazing posts.  My favorites are her childhood memories (this one, definitely) and the ones about dogs (try this).  In the last couple she gets pretty real about depression and overcoming it, and now I think she's focused more on making books.

4. The Awkward Yeti

This one I mentioned already and I will not apologize for it is amazing!

5. The Oatmeal

Some of these get a little too crude for me or just downright disgusting, but I've also laughed my butt off and shared my two favorites with everyone who will click the link.  If you like dogs, read this.  If you're a runner, read this series.  There's also a ton on grammar, and some on web design.

6. Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal

These... well they're a little more out there.  And they're super cynical.  But the artist posts a lot, which is nice...

7. Cyanide and Happiness

This one I haven't been following as long, but it's been good for a quick chuckle now and again.

8. Fowl Language

Cute and funny and (mostly) family-oriented, this one is also pretty good on Instagram.  By "good" I mean formatted well for a vertical orientation.  For example, I love Sarah's Scribbles but I have to get it through Feedly since the print is usually too small to read on Insta and THERE'S NO WAY TO ZOOM IN!  (Seriously, wtf Instagram?)

9. Happle Tea

This is another one that isn't terribly active anymore, but if you ever want to dive through the archives, good, good stuff.  I love mythology, so I'm a sucker for all the jokes about Greek, Norse, and even Egyptian gods.

And that's it!  What are you favorite web comics?  Any good ones I'm missing out on?

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  1. I love Sarah's Scribbles and Fowl Comics, the parent humor in Fowl Comics is on point.

  2. I need IG to allow zooming and Twitter to allow the ability to make edits. Why are these things taking so long?! I've actually used that exact XKCD cartoon to describe myself! That childhood memories from Hyperbole and a Half just made me LOL at work. Need to check out Sarah's Scribbles; I didn't realize she was the same one who did Invader Zim! I like The Blogess and Sleep Talking Man, which aren't comics at all but they make me laugh :P

  3. I love the Oatmeal, although agree some are kind of disgusting. But I love the Bob cats. :) Hyperbole and a Half has a new book coming out this year - maybe this Summer. I can't remember when. All these look great and I'll have to check them out because everyone needs a good laugh!

    1. I bought her last book, mostly to be supportive since half the comics were ones I'd already read, but the new ones were really good, so I'm glad I got it!

  4. Yes to all of these! PS, I only know of XKCD because in almost every reddit thread, there's a link to "relevant XKCD" ;)

  5. You find all the awesome comics! The Awkward Yeti is my absolute favorite! Alyssa's comment... SMH haha

  6. I used to read XKCD but I haven't in a while, going to have to change that!

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