Jun 21, 2016

29 Things You Probably Don't Know About Me Part 1

To celebrate my 29th birthday (an age that fills me with a strange combination of "Omg, I'll be entering a new decade soon" and "Thank god I'm finally an adult.") on the 29th of June (a combination that Dani pointed out to me only happens once), I'm going to continue my oversharing ways and find 29 new things that you (Internet friends) probably don't know about me.  Since 29 is a lot of things, I'm splitting it into 2 posts, 15 things and 14 next week.  And, like the birthday itself, this really can't be repeated, as I will be out of new information after this.

Sorry, family, but you already know everything, so you can't really play this game.  For everyone else, let's go!

1. I used to be afraid of dogs

Right up until adopting Luke, actually.

2. I have an ex boyfriend who is now a woman

Actually, some of you do know this, but still crazy, right?  And I haven't said this enough, but good for her!  I don't have any bitterness anymore, but it is still confusing to think about sometimes.

3. If you eat something I've baked, chances are I have licked the spoon at some point

Sorry... but not really.  I mean, I'm pretty sure germs die at 350+ degrees!

4. I almost failed out my senior year of high school

AND I pushed the limit for total number of absences permitted.  To say I lost interest would be an understatement.

5. I was, somehow, still allowed to be a peer mentor

We worked with the special education class and it was awesome!  We basically got to play card games and teach the girls Miss Mary Mack and go bowling every other Friday afternoon instead of going to class to help the kids prepare for Special Olympics.

6. I can rarely wear mascara because I'm really bad about pulling eyelashes and it would just accentuate the gaps

Sometimes just subconsciously while I'm reading and sometimes in order to get the mascara off in the first place.  How do you guys get your mascara off?  I need a better way!

7. I have been held up at gunpoint

Honestly, we were kind of asking for it with the stupid decisions we were making at the time.

8. I used to have a fake ID

Actually it was a real ID - it just wasn't mine.  We found it in the street one day and the woman on it looked enough like me that it was usable.  She was also half a foot shorter, 60 pounds lighter, and had blue eyes, but somehow no one ever called me out on this.

9. I am just about 200 pounds

I'm tall-ish (5'9") and people rarely believe that I weigh this much, but there you have it.  I have a couple of family members who, when gossiping about heavy people, would say things like, "She's gotten so big!  She's almost 180 pounds" and the shocked tone of voice would indicate that they couldn't even imagine a weight heavier than that.  It bothered me at the time, because I was 180 pounds and what did that say about me?  But now that I've exceeded their wildest imaginings, I've made peace with it.

10. I dropped out of college and supported myself and an unable-to-hold-a-job ex for 9 months on a waitress salary

Then we went into debt and begged our parents to let us come back home.  Best decision I ever made, seeing as my parents forgave me and helped me go back to school.

11. I am not modest

Despite years of insecurity about my body, I am perfectly comfortable changing in front of friends, walking around naked (in the privacy of my own room), and even modeling for a figure drawing class (though I was admittedly nervous for that one until I got my clothes off).

12. I had a pet rock in high school

Raqueesha was one of my locker pets.  Two friends and I shared a locker and we decorated with drawings, and had a basket hanging on the coat rack with my pet rock and some tiny stuffed animals.

13. I used to have some skillz at bowling and pool

As in I have actually had a couple games with no open frames (all strikes or spares), and our pool games involved combos and different sets of rules depending on whether we were playing strangers or friends.  This is all lost to me now, along with my conversational Spanish (it was more like babytalk, but good enough to flirt!).

14. I was adamant about not having kids until...

I honestly don't know when I changed my mind about having kids.  Maybe when my friend had my goddaughter, who was the most amazing and perfect child ever and blew my 19-year-old mind.

15. I beat my class at and competed in a tournament for Math 24 in 6th grade

I've never understood people who don't like math.

Look for the rest of the list next week on the 29th!  I'll be away but I'm going to try to find ridiculous, silly things to do to celebrate this auspicious occasion, despite being on vacation.

What are some things I don't know about you?

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  1. These kinds of posts are always fun to learn random things! I weigh more than most people think I do too and I always hate how people who complain like OMG I am almost 130!!! I am like ummm my boobs weigh like 30 lbs on their own, what's it to ya?! Scary that you have been held at gunpoint!!! I don't know what I would do in that situation. I suck horribly at both bowling and pool.

  2. I used to be afraid of dogs too. It was weird because once I became comfortable with a dog - I liked them. But I was always nervous when meeting a new dog. I finally figured it out when my parents mentioned when I was a toddler that a neighbor's dog liked to knock me down (in a friendly, playful way) but it scared me. My sister-in-law is 6' and I was initially surprised when she told me how much she weighed but then realized that height means more mass, plain and simple. And I am terrible at math beyond the basics. :) Happy Birthday, Jenn!

    1. Yes! I had something similar - our neighbors when we were tiny kids had a poodle that would growl at us, and I think that's what taught me that dogs are scary. Plus, I didn't know the difference between playful growl and threatening, or happy bark and warning. Now that I can recognize those things, I'm not scared because I can tell that most of the time dogs are just being huge goofballs.

      Height really does make a difference. I know I used to be shocked that people could even weigh 100 pounds and still be healthy, but if you're more than half a foot shorter than me, that is a great deal of torso difference.

  3. I want to like math but it does not want to like me. I've struggled with it since at least 5th grade (when we started getting separated into levels of classes - I was high level absolutely everything except math.)
    I did not know #2! How strange to think about?!

  4. I have taken my eye make-up with Vaseline ever since I've worn make-up. And, I'm a make-up junkie. I swear by it, and no one will ever convince me to change my ways with that.
    I have been in the very same scenario when a conversation occurred discussing someone else's weight...that person called the other person a "chunk"...and the number that was discussed was less than what I weighed. And, I'm only 5'6". I pointed out the magic number that was so "chunk"-y was less than what I weighed. To say the person talking turned as red as a tomato is an understatement.
    #2 is fascinating!

  5. It'll be your golden birthday! When I turn 29 it will be my golden birthday too, March 29th. Anyway. Fun! I'm going to print this post out for our next blate because I'm going to request a handful of back stories here...

  6. Yay for golden birthdays! Mine was when I was 12, so not as exciting (even though I turned 12 on 12/12!). I did throw myself a big party in 2012 though. I had a real fake ID too! It was my friend's older sister's and it said I was 26 but somehow it worked. I use Clinique's "Take Off The Day" for lids, lashes, and lips make-up remover, and hardly ever wear the waterproof mascaras (they're harder to get off). Excited to hear the backstory of being held up at gunpoint on our blate! I would have probably peed myself.

  7. These are all so interesting! I had no idea. I admit I don't like math. I can't wrap my head around it. I'd rather deal with words. In high school, I took pre-calculus and trigonometry, because I was taking ap classes and everyone else was taking it but it was not my favorite. My birthday is September 29th, so this year will be my golden one, I have learned. I think it's hard to judge someone's weight by what you see. I remember this guy a couple years ago estimated my weight out loud in an offhand comment, but he was about 20 lbs under :). Although it's nice to estimate lower than higher if you're going to comment at all.. which people probably shouldn't. I am not that modest, either, but that's probably an effect of being in the military and having had to shower with 20 other ladies. One of the first things they have you do when you join is some kind of naked duck squat to check your spine or something.

  8. I did the same my senior year of high school, I was over it.

    Kids are awesome but I'm glad I only have one. I feel like two kids can team up against you (my sister and I did it) but one doesn't have a chance. Hahahaha

  9. I'm still afraid of large dogs unless I know them. Last week I transported 13 dogs for the rescue I volunteer with. Most of them were large but they were sweeties. I did not know about #2. Awesome for them that they get to be who they really are. I have a friend who married a guy who later divorced her for a younger man. I think a lot of people do that their senior year. I know I was just completely done with school. Glad you got away from the freeloading boyfriend. I have had a lot of those. I once dated a guy that bounced checks weekly and expected me to help him with that mess. I can't believe I am 11 years older than you. I feel so ancient now.

  10. My golden birthday was when I was 2 so I definitely missed out on all the fun. For a long time I just assumed everyone weighed like 130 pounds regardless of their height. I don't even know where I got that number from. One of my best friends is probably 5'4" and she weighs over 200lbs but I wouldn't call her fat, and I was so surprised when she told me that. I honestly think she'd start to look not well if she were much under 180 (her goal weight). The point is that weight is weird and that's why I try not to pay attention to it.
    Math is super cool! Even though I got a couple of liberal arts degrees I would take non-required math courses just for fun. Probably should have just stayed an engineering major ;)

  11. oh i loved this :) so fun. except being held at gunpoint holy scary!! regardless of what was going on, that sounds terrifying. i almost failed my last 2 years of high school because i left high school and went to like an adult learning centre but still did the HSC which is what we do in year 11 and 12.. but anyway, i lost interest as well. i wish i could go back and smack myself. i am the same with weight, i still get a little offended when people are like omg this weight and i'm like.. i weigh more than that lol

  12. Now THIS list made me all O_o

    Gunpoint?! What the hell! And I wouldn't guess 200 either. I'm now inspired to do one of these lists. Let's hope I can come up with 31 things....

  13. #3 is so right for me.

    For the weight thing, my mom is starting to constantly complain about her weight (recently went from a food service employee to an office job). She will say "OH I weigh almost 150 now!" And I'm like great...so do I, and I'm about 5 inches shorter so what are you implying?

    #14- this is why I really try not to ever comment on anything involving kids. I always want to be respectful of how someone feels but things do change- so I just say "Cool" and try to move on. If you don't want kids, great, if you do, great, if you aren't sure, great (unless you have them already which might be an issue...). And people should have the freedom to change their mind along the way.

    Happy Birthday!!


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