Jun 29, 2016

29 Things You Probably Don't Know About Me Part 2

If you missed last week, I'm celebrating my 29th birthday (today! on the 29th) with 29 things you probably don't know about me!  Kudos to those who aren't surprised by things on this list.  Obviously you're my "real" friends.  ;-)

I already posted the first 15, but here's 16-29.

16. I have worked as a...

...waitress (Charcoal Pit and Red Robin), cashier (Dominoes), writing tutor (Deltech), copy center specialist (Staples), and finally graphic designer (numerous).  I used to say waiting tables was my "backup" if I ever moved and couldn't find a job, but now I think I'd do anything else to avoid it.  It made me so unhappy.

17. I am strangely overconfident

Faced with any new craft or art project, my first assumption is always that it will be a piece of cake.  I've been proven wrong more times than I can count, but I still seem to make this mistake!

18. I wore mostly black in high school

I think it was a confidence thing.  I didn't have any, so I hid in oversized clothes and wore dark colors to deflect attention.

19. I don't like the act of cooking nearly as much as I like feeding people

I will almost never cook food for just myself.  There has to be at least one other person to make it worth the bother.

20. I went to Mexico when I was 19

I ran off with a friend to have a wild adventure and establish my independence from my parents.  It was a surprisingly good experience, given our youth and lack of planning, but then again we were staying with her then boyfriend's family so they prevented us from doing anything too stupid.

21. Despite the statistical unlikelihood, I think I'm a tetrachomatic

You know that condition where you have an extra type of cone in your eye and can see more colors than most of the population?  I have no evidence to back up this belief, but if there was a test for this (that wasn't an Internet scam), I would take it.  More likely, I just like colors more than my friends and family, but it's fun to feel special.

22. I have 2 tattoos

These are hardly secret, and I've definitely posted about them at one point long ago, but they're not in a super visible place, so unless I've been to the beach with you, you probably haven't seen them.  One is about the importance of the self, and the other is a tribute to my sisters and our attempt to stay close despite increasing physical distance.

23. I drew both of them

Ain't no way this control freak graphic designer gonna put someone else's design on her skin!  Though the 2nd one is just 3 interlocked circles, so anyone could have drawn that.

24. I don't understand soda drinkers

I need water when I'm thirsty or with a meal.  Soda, while sugary and tasty, just doesn't make me feel hydrated, and it's really not enough of an enticement on its own to be worth the calories (I can't stand diet soda).  So in the past it's really just been a carrier for my alcohol in but now that I don't drink?  An entirely pointless beverage.

25. I have tried cigarettes, the green stuff, and certain pills

None of which did much for me.  Cigarettes were just nasty, what was supposed to make me mellow and happy instead made me angry and miserable, and pills scare me too much to repeat.  I'm actually really glad to be a non-drinker now, because it means I don't rely on any substances to feel good.  At one point, I wanted to "try everything" but I'm glad I never got the chance to because now it seems entirely unnecessary and the idea of permanent damage or flashbacks is terrifying.

26. I AM an adrenaline junkie

I really enjoy overcoming fears and doing things that scare me.  I LOVE that thrill of excitement you get when you're falling and your stomach feels like it just slammed into your spine.  White water rafting, rides but especially the ones that drop you, sky diving (except that we felt sick afterwards), driving a quad, anything that is just unsafe/uncomfortable enough to give you that tingle.

27. I had been engaged once before I met Ryan

We were too young and hadn't been together long enough and started being miserable almost instantly after deciding to get engaged.  My only regret is that it didn't end sooner.

28. I had to take a remedial cursive class in elementary school

That's how bad my handwriting was.  I did, however, get to do the advanced art class in middle school, so there!

29. Nope, sorry, just 28

I had one here, but reconsidered, and then I almost didn't post this because it was incomplete, and then decided what the hey!  I'm on vacation.  And it's my birthday.  You guys will survive, I'm sure.

To sum up: Happy birthday to me!  I live in a tree.  I look like a monkey and I broke this rhyme when I switched from "you" to "me."

Have you ever tried to come up with things people don't know about you?  Was it hard?  (Cause this really was - I struggled)

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  1. Happy Birthday to you! I often wish I were a waitress, I feel like there wouldn't be as much stress and leaving work at the job would be much easier.

    I wore black to school every day of my 8th grade year, in high school I added some gray but black was still my go to color.

  2. Happy birthday my friend!! Xoxo I hope today is amazing. TREAT YO SELF!!

    Also, nosey... What was #29? And I'm with you on soda and drugs. Cigarettes are just disgusting, green gives me body aches and puts me to sleep, and the 1variation of pills I dabbled in, I stopped when they started making me nauseous. #lifewin

    I didn't know some of these but still consider myself a "real" friend :) Also, the overconfidence on projects, totally have that. Then I sit down to start and have the poor opposite reaction.

  3. Red Robin used to be my favorite restaurant. Those sweet potato fries, oh man. I like soda sometimes, but ever since becoming pregnant I am so aware of how sweet it is. I used to not even think about it as an occasional treat. I still drink it every now and then but I feel like it's soo sweet. Same thing with sweet tea. I was raised in the south and never thought about it but now when I go visit, I ask for unsweet because otherwise I feel like I'm drinking pure sugar.

    1. Happy actual birthday! It was early last time you posted :).

  4. Happy, happy birthday!!! Hope you have a wonderful day relaxing! Yay for vacation!

    The green stuff made me super paranoid. I've never tried any pills, shrooms, etc. and don't feel like I'm missing out. I just gave up Coke (soda) in April, but will occasionally drink ginger ale. SO glad I'm not the only one who felt sick on the way down from sky diving! Everyone thought I was nuts, but I just felt super nauseous until the free fall part was over. Never again. I want to know #29 too!

  5. HAPPY birthday! I LOVE that you drew your own tattoos. That adds to the personal choice of them. I'm a person whose body wasn't made to smoke, so when I've been in a situation that I've tried to smoke a cigarette or the "green stuff", I coughed like an idiot and just couldn't.

  6. Happy Birthday! I hope you are enjoying your vacation! Interesting facts. I am an adrenaline junkie myself, and I have such a high tolerance for any form of substance, anything I have tried never had any effect, so why do it? I feel the same way about soda. I don't need it to live and it doesn't make me feel satisfied.

  7. Happy birthday (one day late)! I wish there was a test for #21, I would like to know if you were one, that would be neat. Completely agree about pop/soda. I actually never even tried it (I HATE anything fizzy and although I love champagne, I stir out every single bubble before drinking it) before college, and then I had it mixed with some liquor and I hated it. Haven't had it since. I'm a pretty strict water, coffee, beer girl. I rarely stray from that.

  8. Happy day after your birthday! I almost never drink soda either; I love drinking water and nothing else makes me feel hydrated. I do evvvvver so seldom crave a soda when I have dry mouth or something like that because I feel like the bubbles are refreshing—and I HATE seltzer. Weird, I know. And I also agree on being overconfident—not all the time, but in weird scenarios. Like when I watch American Ninja Warrior or something (weird example because I can't remember the last time I actually saw one of those) I'm like, pfffft, I could totally do that.
    I have a guess as to what number 29 was... will you tell me if I guess right (in email!)?

  9. Happy Birthday Jenn (a day late)!! I'm trying to be less of a soda drinker. I'm not terrible by any means. I have a cousin who practically drinks 12 cans a day. I limit myself to 1 Diet Coke but I know it's not really very good for me. It doesn't surprise me that you're an adrenaline junkie; I'm the exact opposite. A real big baby! I hope your birthday was wonderful and best wishes for a great year!

  10. happy belated birthday! it is really hard coming up with stuff about yourself haha. i have tried cigarettes (gross) and certain pills and i am with you on that, no thanks. i am glad that phase was short and nothing bad happened. i haven't tried the green stuff and i am okay with that! i do drink soda though! i drink it for fun mainly, not to hydrate. that sounds weird, but it doesn't make me feel like i quenched my thirst like water does. but i do like it.

    1. Happy belated birthday! I have a post of 11 things people might not guess about me - I love this idea but I imagine 29 things (my 29th is in a few months) would be hard to come up with! I have no artistic talent whatsoever so I love that you have your own designs tattooed, even if one of them isn't super ornate. Soda, ugh...I have never been a big soda drinker which made it pretty easy to stop altogether, but my new office has soda in the fridge and I'm finding it hard to resist. I don't even know why! You're right, it doesn't quench my thirst and it's just sugar and makes me feel like crap.

  11. Happy (VERY BELATED) birthday!! Hope you had a great time celebrating!! This is such a fun post!!

  12. Happy Birthday!!! I am a soda drinker and it isn't worth the calories and I wish I could quit. Its hard. I've tried several times. I'm going to steal this for later this month when I have a birthday.


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