Jun 7, 2016

Jenn Wells's's's's of the World

I joke occasionally about what a common name I have.  I never think people will be able to find me on social media, but somehow they rarely seem to have trouble.  Be that as it may, getting my name to the front page has been just about impossible (I am on the first page for search terms "Jenn Wells Design" though, which is pretty cool and it looks like my twitter is on the first page of results for just my name, which is dumb because I rarely use it).

At one point (when I was trying to find a unique URL for my website), I became curious about these other Jenn (or Jennifer) Wells (no idea how to properly pluralize this) and what entrepreneurial shenanigans they were getting up to.  Here's what I've found.

1. Jennifer Wells - Jewelry and Metalworker

I found this Jenn Wells years and years ago because she took the url I wanted (jennwells.com) AND she doesn't even go by "Jenn" on the website (Um, rude).  But in any case, I thought metal working was pretty cool, as artsy fields go, so this was fun to look at.

2. Jennifer Wells - Art Teacher

This JW had the other URL I considered (jenniferwells.com) but appears to have moved on since I was in the market (6 years ago).  I did think it was pretty amusing that both of the URLs that were just my name were taken by other art-related fields.

3. Jenn Wells - Younique Saleswoman

Ok, cool I guess.

4. Jennifer Foehner Wells - Sci Fi Novelist!

Sooo cool.  I was really excited when I found this one.  Obviously I will have to read one of her books some time.

5. Jennifer Wells - Paranormal Mystery Author

Another writer!

6. Jenn Wells - Etsy Quilter


7. Jennifer Nichole Wells - Photography and Graphic Design

Whaaat?!  Another graphic designer.

8. Dr. Jennifer Wells MD - Gastroenterologist


9. Jennifer Wells, DVM - Veterinarian

Save the animals!

10. Jennifer Wells - Public Relations Director

Another artsy one.

I could keep going, but we'll stick with the first 3 pages for each search ("Jenn Wells" and "Jennifer Wells").  How cool is it that over half of them are involved in a creative field?!  I'm going to pretend this is very portentous and that we Jenn Wells are just born with an innate creative ability.  :P

Also, I looked up Jenn Wilson Design (because Ryan and I have a running joke about why I should or should not take his last name), and that URL is taken by a web designer AND she's pretty good.  So maybe I'm better off with my current name/URL/SEO.

Do you know what your namesakes are up to?  Have you ever tried to get a unique URL and what issues did you run into?

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  1. I'm the only me in the world, if you search my name the only person you find is me. I hate it. I like anonymity unless I choose otherwise unfortunately it's something I'll never obtain.

  2. hahaha this is so cool. you definitely need to read books by your fellow jenn wells! i remember searching for my name with my maiden name and there is a professor in buffalo, so that's cool. not much for my married name, and there is a jazz singer so that's cool. no writers, rude!

  3. I love this! Apparently there are not many others out there with my name, since most of my stuff pops-up with a few exceptions. No authors though, which is a bummer. You definitely have to read the books by your fellow Jenn Wells!

    1. Thanks! That's lucky for you, if you were planning on branding or marketing yourself. Coming up with a unique business name is surprisingly challenging.

  4. Haha, I love all the artsy ones and then there's gastroenterologist. I remember I had to buy a hyphenated version of my domain for my portfolio but now I want to check out who all the others are who bought the rest.

  5. Interesting topic! I hadn't thought to look my name up so I just did- there's a lawyer, a dentist, a few FB pages, and me- on FB and a contact page from work (and luckily not the blog!). I was actually wondering if you'd consider taking his last name- you'd have the same initials!

  6. Look at all those authors!!! Clearly you need to start writing a book! I googled my name and there is a social work counselor and a children's professional photographer. That's for my married name. My maiden name, the other Nadine is dead. That is a bit of a buzz kill. No where near as cool as your authors!

  7. This post has me laughing. Erin Gray...she was Wilma in Buck Rogers and Kate in Silver Spoons. Plus, she has been featured on a number of late night infomercials. Awesome, right?

  8. Such a cool idea to write about! I actually had someone message me on FB a few years ago to say hello to her "name twin". It was pretty cool. I also have my name on Google alerts and there is a girl out there who is starting a music career and I'm constantly being alerted when she sets up a new page or social media account! So fun.

  9. I should have done a post like this... although we'd have been reading about a bunch of guys :)

  10. A looooong time ago before blogs really I wrote for an online parenting site. IT was basically a blog and I am so sad I don't have access to anything I wrote before because it would be great to have it for my kids. Anyway someone sent me a message saying their name was also Holly Grass. I was really surprised because I didn't think I had a common name at all. I think we determined she married one of my super distant relatives.


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