Jun 2, 2016

What's New Knew Gnu Nooooo

What's New(ish)

The Scary Thing

This is old but Luke had a leg spasm thing a while ago, where his whole leg was kicking for well over a minute.  My brain immediately said "Heart attack!  Seizure!" but when I called Lums Pond Animal Hospital they reassured me and told me what danger signs to watch out for.  After it was over I sat on the floor with him and cried for a good 5 minutes despite the fact that there were people downstairs - that's how scared I was.

The Adorable Thing

While she sometimes frustrates us with the ongoing house training, Toast is getting more active and more playful.  My favorite times are when I take her to my parents' house to run in the yard and she flies around in a bizarre splay-legged gallop, before throwing herself into the grass to roll around.  (I had a really cute video for this, but then I destroyed my phone and now I will be uploading nothing for a while.)

The Life Improvement Thing

After thinking about it for months, I finally took over the library/unoccupied 3rd bedroom for my home office and I love it so much!  I feel guilty about "stealing it" because there's 3 of us and the basement is the "computer room," but I think of all of us, I work at my computer the most frequently and I game loudly never, so I'll keep reminding myself of that until the guilt fades.  Every day that I use my computer I'm just awash in happy feelings about this new space.  We also just painted it AND I have a new printer (Goodbye Staples!), so the good vibes are strong.

The Social Thing

We have been seriously social lately.  Normally this much social stuff would spur me into an introverted hibernation, but working from home 3 days a week means I have less social interaction on a regular basis and more energy for other activities.  Cool stuff we've done: Disney trip with family (amazing), Party at the Pen: The Masquerade (a bit anticlimactic), MMRBQ rock concert (it rained but we stuck it out for several hours), and beach weekend!

The Injured Thing

While Disney was amazing, I did have an incident on a water slide.  The immediately alarming thing was a head injury (I slammed it against the side of the tube and lost hearing in one ear for half an hour or so), but after that subsided (and my hearing came back), I started to notice pain in my chest, high on the right side.  I ignored it for a week or so, then tried to do yoga with my mom and completely effed myself up.  Now I'm avoiding all exercise that uses chest or shoulder muscles until this pulled muscle/bruised rib/whatever it is heals itself.  When I googled the various options, they all had the same treatment, so I figure there's no point in getting it officially diagnosed, but patience is not my strong suite and I'm chafing at the prohibition of what was my only consistent exercise routine.

The Business Thing

My clientele has been fluctuating quite a bit - my bread and butter one month is nonexistent the next, BUT I've had a pretty steady workflow overall, and almost always something to work on.  I think the longest I've gone this year without any projects was 2 weeks a month or so ago.  I know I should set more ambitious goals (in order to keep my income on par with my spending), but for now I'm really enjoying my work life balance, and having projects from 3 or fewer clients per week makes it easy to keep up with the invoices.

The Exciting Thing

MY SISTER IS A DOCTOR TODAY!!!  Depending what time you're reading this, I'm either watching her graduate from medical school, or I'm helping her celebrate with family.  So so proud of the hard-working, compassionate woman she turned out to be.

The Upcoming Thing

June is my birthday month (turning 29 on the 29th).  I used to be all stodgy and try to ignore it, because birthdays as an adult tend to suck, but guess what!  They suck a lot more when I try to ignore them, so now I make a big fuss and have more fun.  This month I'll be tackling all (or most) of the happiness suggestions people have made, so I'll be alternately running around trying various exercises, and relaxing with books, art, and bubble baths.  June is also the Read My Books Challenge, and I have a few but these are the ones I've had since 2015 and desperately need to get off my to do list:

What have you been up to?

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  1. I'm glad Luke is okay. It's so scary when our fur babies get sick and can't tell us what's going on. Love and envy your home office. I want so much. Just to also be able to shut the door and "leave" work. My family was just visiting me and we hit Disneyland. Nothing dramatic happened but it was good to visit the Happiest Place on Earth. :)

    1. Omg, I know! Easily the scariest thing that's happened to me in the last several years. Thanks - having a home office is amazing! Although I'm trying to keep up the pretense that it's still "the library" and anyone can use it, but let's be honest. I don't think anyone else has even been in there since we moved in.

  2. Yayyy for Toast improving! She'll get the hang of potty training sooner or later.

    No way should you feel guilty about bedroom 3 as a home office, you do actually work from home some days and that requires dedicated work space.

  3. So many things! Take that space you deserve, lady. Don't let the guilt get a hold of you!
    Sorry about that scary Disney incident and Luke episode!
    Happy birthday month and congrats to your sis!

  4. Happy early birthday! We are the same age! I turn 29 in September. Yesterday I literally had to count to be sure how old I was. I wasn't 100% sure I hadn't already turned 29. Working from home is so nice. I just had to decide whether to go to work for more money or stay at home for less (two different job options) and I am anxiously awaiting my paycheck as I chose the go to work job, but I already miss home after I was off for a week and a half. I wish I could do both.

  5. i have heard good things about the you are a badass book! can't wait to hear what you think. sorry the masquerade was anticlimactic, congrats to your sister, omg is Luke okay? and omg are you for real?! your injury! what the hell! that is terrifying.

    1. and yay birthday month!! ignoring them never worked for me. here's to celebrating!

  6. So glad Luke is okay! About your injury- I really hope you didn't break a rib; you might wanna get that checked out! Especially don't try new exercises with an injury! Yay for your sister- hope you have a great time celebrating! Happy birthday month! 29 on 29... Isn't that a golden bday or something?! And yay for the challenge- good luck!

  7. Yay Congrats to your sister. I am seriously loving the paint, and don't feel guilty for making yourself an office. I'd jump on that too. JUst remind yourself you are really working and if you were down there with them, you'd get distracted by the fun. My birthday is next month and its a pretty bad one. So I haven't decided how I am handling it yet. BTW....I signed up for geek 2 geek and will have a blog post tomorrow. Seriously can't believe 2 posts in a week.

  8. Ohh so many good things! So glad Luke is okay! Sounds like you had some good social outings and I love that you are going to try and read all your books on your Kindle. I really need to do that too. Good luck!

  9. Girlfriend, 29 is an amazing, empowering year if you allow it to be. 30 is 10x better. Embrace it HARD!


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