Aug 23, 2016

Stupid Reasons I've Unfollowed

I'd like to begin this post by reassuring everyone that I know perfectly well that these are dumb reasons (I'm skipping over the obvious ones like "I didn't like their material anymore"), and I have no intent to advise people on what they should or should not write about.  We all have our turn ons and turn offs, and for whatever reason, the following things hit me at just the wrong time, or happened to be the tipping point that caused me to unfollow.  (Note: no blog names mentioned because I'm not trying to point any fingers, except maybe at myself for occasionally being ridiculous.)

1. They told me something was easy that I don't find easy

Either they're naive, or I make life more difficult than it needs to be, but I don't like either rubbed in my face.

2. How to posts from beginners

It really, really bugs me when people post "what I learned" or "how tos" about relationships, specifically, or any hobby or activity after participating in whatever it is for a month or two.  I'm sorry, but you don't know shit yet.  Dispense your wisdom when you're 10 years in or you've successfully completed something, not right after starting.

3. Bible quotes

I would like to first point out that I do like when people talk about their religious philosophy or the logistics of their faith or something, because that's fascinating.  But a lot of other religious talk bothers me (particularly sending prayers or using your religion to dictate how social issues should be decided) and for some reason I don't like bible quotes.  Couldn't tell you why - it's not logical whatsoever, but I've definitely unfollowed for that.

4. Dating stories that bashed men

After a month or two of laughing at funny date fails, I started to notice that the guys were always "total weirdos" and any awkwardness was always the men's fault.  And you know... if you have a problem with everyone else, that's a pretty good indication that the problem is you.  It really wouldn't hurt to occasionally give people the benefit of the doubt and it IS possible to tell a story about awkwardness and date fails without condemning the other person.

5. Taking pictures of strangers

"WTF Wednesday" started out funny, but I'm not a fan of people taking secret pictures of strangers in order to make fun of them on the Internet.  None of us are perfect and do you want a picture of yourself on someone else's website???  (Similar note: People of Walmart.  I know a lot of people enjoy this, but come on.  Don't we have anything better to do than laugh at strangers whom we consider outside the boundaries of propriety?  It's almost as bad as tabloids.)

6. Too much self deprecatory humor

I LOVE self deprecatory humor, so this one made me sad, but it had reached a point where I was no longer laughing along and instead was just genuinely worried about the person and whether they might be heading into depression.

7. Complaining about losing followers

Ummm... I'm still here but if that's not good enough I guess I can leave.

8. Pretending everything is peachy when it's not

If life is a shitshow right now, and everything is falling apart, you can either talk it out on your blog, or you can keep your personal life private.  But talking about it and trying to pretend it's all a huge positive really irks me, because it's so facetious and who are you trying to impress?  You can talk about how life is hard sometimes and I'm fairly certain the super-supportive members of the blogging community will still like you and be nice and want to help if at all possible.  Plus they might even have useful advice or resources.

9. I disagreed with them

I know, I know, I know.  If we don't read and listen to opposing viewpoints, how will we grow?  I try, but sometimes I get tired of it and then I head back to my cozy little circle of bloggers with similar views and we all agree with each other (most of the time) and life is awesome.  It's not an instant unfollow either, and I do like discussing issues and comparing viewpoints, but sometimes it's something I find particularly ignorant or obnoxious or I can't wrap my brain around at all, and then I give up and leave.

10. They gave away their pet

This is absolutely none of my business and I have no right to condemn someone for their life choices.  But I do.  As a pet owner, I feel like you owe it to that animal to provide for them and work with them until their life is over.  No one forced you to go adopt an animal.  The only valid reasons for giving up an animal, in my mind, are because they became violent and endangered people or you found a home where they would be happier.

11. Posts about posting

Posts about blog goals, or needing to post more, or why you didn't post, all that.  Unless of course, why you didn't post is a topic you'd like to cover in its own right.  But I guess just write or don't write.  Don't feel bad about not writing, especially if it's just a hobby.

12. Buzzwords

If buzzword fatigue is a thing, I think I have it.  We've been inundated with numbered lists, "easy," "simple," "fast," "miraculous," and "the very best" for a few years now and I've begun avoiding anything that registers as a clickbait type title (sorry Buzzfeed, we will never be friends).  I still love numbered lists, because I feel like they increase readability (or scannability - whatever), but I'm not going to title my posts with the exciting number of bullet points you'll be reading about!

That's pretty much it.  My tastes have changed a lot in the couple of years I've been blogging and I'm sure they'll continue to, so I might even have 12 entirely different but equally dumb reasons in another couple of years.

What's the most illogical reason you've unfollowed someone?

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