Aug 21, 2016

Sunday Sweats on a Monday

Heading into a new week with a lot more optimism than last week!  I'd been stressing about my weight and my blood pressure, but now that I've got some momentum making positive changes, I don't feel quite as helpless.  It's also counter productive to stress about it since I'm sure that only sends my BP up and up and up.  ALSO I bought a blood pressure cuff, so I can more accurately keep tabs on that at home without abrupt surprises at the doctor's office, so that should be helpful.

Side Note: I knew I'd be gaining 15-25 pounds for this pregnancy and, since I was so comfortable with my weight and my body, I just thought I'd be fine with it.  Now that the weight gain has started (barely - just the first 4 pounds of it), it's harder than I thought.  I've spent a very long time floating here just below 200 pounds and there's a piece of my brain that is terrified to leave that number behind and scared that losing the weight after Reptar is born won't be as simple as "eat healthy and exercise - breast feeding alone burns 500 calories a day so losing the weight will be easy!"

Anyway, I'll be doing my best to focus on my blood pressure and being healthy and not on weight.  I know I can do this, I just have to face some fears I didn't even know I had.  Here's the workouts...

Weekly Workouts

Monday - Bodyweight exercises, biking | DTT: 40 Min

Did a half-assed One Punch Man workout with Ryan (we're on day 50, so I did 2 sets of 25 for push ups and sit ups but skipped squats because they make biking really hard), and rode the stationary bike for 30 minutes, reading The Happiness Project which I finally got from the library!!!

Tuesday - 1 mile run, family walk | DTT: 27 Min

As planned, I took my gym bag to work and made use of the treadmill there at the end of the day.  I don't like it as much as my parent's treadmill - I almost feels like the tread thingy slips or something.  Anyway, I allowed myself to get sleepy and cranky and point-blank refused to workout with Ryan, but we did have a nice walk afterwards

Wednesday - Biking | DTT: ~30 Min

Ryan's schedule has been all kinds of crazy, so no walk or workout together, but I did bike on my own.  I had to get up in the middle to take a client call, but I paused my timer so it still counts.

Thursday - Biking | DTT: 30 Min

Same thing here.  I've noticed that while cardio does not make me feel good in the moment, or not even necessarily afterwards when you're supposed to be feeling all accomplished, it does make me feel better physically and mentally over time.  This is a much less fatigued week than the past few.

Friday - Yoga, walk | DTT: 35 Min

Wimped out on my cardio but found a new prenatal yoga video to do!  It started off so slow and relaxing my mom and I were both thinking we'd need to do something else after, but then it got into lunges and, especially after all the biking, my quads were burning.  Our walk was super sweaty and left with feeling no desire to do anything else today.

Saturday - Nada | DTT: 0 Min

We did get outside and take our dogs to an off-leash area, which was a smashing success, considering Toast's general skittishness and that this was the first time we'd tried this.

The irony of the sole pictures in this post depicting rest day rather than exercise is not lost on me.
But no formalized exercise.  And I think maybe I'm going to start giving myself Saturdays off, since I seem to naturally want to focus on chores and family time anyway and it'll be nice to have a rest day.

Sunday - 2 mile run, yoga | DTT: 44 Min

Excellent workout day!  Went to my parents, made use of their awesome treadmill (the run started pretty uncomfortable and then by the end actually felt good, which is always a win!), and then my mom and I finished the yoga challenge she started months ago when I was still injured.  Days 29 and 30 of Adriene's 30 Day Challenge, but I only counted day 29, because day 30 was a "do your own thing" and my own thing was mostly laying around and stretching.

Average Daily Total Time: ~29 Min
Days With Cardio: 5
Weekly Mileage: 3

Thoughts Going Into Next Week

Awesome week!  I felt really good about myself this week and I just about hit my goals, with the exception of Saturday, which will henceforth be known as rest day.  Oh!  I've tested my blood pressure (and Ryan's) and the monitor I bought said both of us were in the healthy range (under 120/80, whoop whoop!), which I might doubt, but it accurately gave our respective heart rates, so fingers crossed...  I'll keep testing to keep an eye on it and then hope that at my appointment on Wednesday, the doctor's office concurs with my at-home testing.

How did your workouts go this week?

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  1. Those doggies! Too cute! Glad to hear your blood pressure is doing well. I know how you feel about knowing that you are gaining weight for a good reason but it still being hard. I refuse to get on my scale at home anymore so I dont have to see that number! Get it girl, you got this!

  2. I'm very guilty of stressing myself out too, and making everything worse, harder and so on. I'm glad you're now in a positive mindframe and a great workout week certainly helps! In fact, I feel guilty about being so lazy last week but I was on vacation so ... I'm giving myself an out!

    1. I never workout on vacation. And somehow I always think I'm going to, and even pack running shoes and sports bras which don't get used. :P


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