Aug 29, 2016

Sunday Sweats - the Test

My entire focus for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday morning is the blood pressure appointment on Wednesday.  It's actually kind of ironic, because the biggest thing you can do to lower your blood pressure is lose weight, and that's one of the (very, very many) things you're not supposed to do during pregnancy.  So I'm certainly not restricting myself (probably doing 4 or 5 meals per day and not all of them are that small), but I am focusing pretty heavily on good nutrition and a balance of protein, veggies, fruits, and whole grains.  Which is better for Reptar anyway, in addition to helping lower that pesky BP.

I also had a negative rant about my doctor's office, but that's no fun and I need a better attitude, so instead I'll tell you about some of the positives in the last couple weeks:
  • I don't have to eat every 2 hours to prevent nausea anymore!!!  I honestly never thought I'd be grateful for the ability to not eat until I had to monitor it so closely.  I didn't even get hunger pangs for the last few months - I'd get a tiny wave of nausea and eat to stave that off.  So it's nice to not have to eat immediately if I'm in the middle of something.
  • I totally forgot that back in April/May I had injured my chest/ribs/something and couldn't do yoga!  When my mom finished her yoga challenge last week (there had been a bit of a hiatus), I was reminded of why I hadn't done it with her - because on the day we started, I aggravated my injury so badly that I couldn't fully use those muscles for weeks.  Freedom of movement is amazing!
  • I really do feel back to normal.  When the first trimester ended, I was all excited about the fatigue going away, but it didn't...  And then my doctor's office made me feel like a huge slob and I got exercising, and the cardio has really helped far more than any other type of workout to make me feel like my old self.
To sum up my gratitude bullets: not tired, not nauseous, and not injured.  Life is good!

Anyway, here's the workouts...

Weekly Workouts

Monday - Biking | DTT: 30 Min

This probably wouldn't have happened if not for the looming doctor's appointment on Wednesday.  We went to the dog park, I walked the dogs a bit, and then it was late but I knew I had to get my heart rate up at some point, so I opted for exercise and a baked sweet potato instead of getting my 8 hours of sleep.

Tuesday - 2 mile run, yoga balance-y thing | DTT: 34 Min

Was dragging pretty hard, so I called Momma who obligingly agreed to do yoga with me.  We tried a couple of yoga balance videos, so it wasn't super strenuous but it was interesting.  My run was fantastic - not only have I rediscovered my love of treadmills but Disney movies while running?  Sooo good.  I was singing with all the voices of the wind and running the hidden pine trails of the forest and life was good.

Wednesday - 3 mile walk | DTT: 45 Min

Today was appointment day and everything was great!!!  I was expecting a quick blood pressure check, but they did the full BP, weight, and baby heart rate and all my numbers were better than 2 weeks ago.  According to the doctor, Reptar was moving around "like crazy" and I should be able to feel it fairly soon!  Anyway, after the appointment, I went for a walk with my dad around the park with the dogs and while it's a pretty wimpy excuse for a workout, it was hot and sweaty and afterwards I had to go die for 3 hours and accomplish nothing that day.  (Note: pregnancy keeps lying to me and telling me that a nap is going to feel amazing.  It never does, but I keep falling for it.)

Thursday - 3 mile walk | DTT: 45 Min

Uhhh... yeah, I don't know what's happening this week.

Friday - Nada | DTT: 0 Min


Saturday - 3 1-mile walks | DTT: 45 Min

Ryan and I celebrated our 1-year (ish) anniversary by playing Zelda, Twilight Princess ALL DAY LONG.  It was awesome, and because my husband is a genius, we dragged ourselves outside every 3 or 4 hours to walk a mile with the dogs and prevent that icky feeling you get from being inactive for too long.

Sunday - Yoga | DTT: 20 Min

Fun day!  Yoga with Momma outside on the grass, which was good and bad.  Good because the scenery was delightful and my dogs were delighted to have us out there and played the whole time.  Bad because we had to make up our own routine, but I feel like we did a decent job of coming up with poses.  The rest of the day was surprisingly active, though nothing I felt was trackable: some time wandering the dog park with some friends, and then disc golf with my dad (and the dogs), which I haven't done it forever!  Some of it came back to me, so I didn't spend too much time digging in the bushes, and eventually Toast calmed down even though there were crazy people around her throwing stuff constantly.

Average Daily Total Time: ~31 Min
Days With Cardio: 2
Weekly Mileage: 2

Thoughts Going Into Next Week

A little more structure would be good and more actual cardio.  Walks are great, but I'm pretty sure I need to get my heart rate up more if I want to continue to reap the benefits of healthy blood pressure.  But I'm not going to waste time bemoaning the week that was - at least I did something!  And I'm sure the dogs enjoyed all the outdoorsy-ness.

How did your workouts go this week?

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  1. You reminded me of one of my co-workers. She had to eat very frequently to stave off nausea too. It was actually one of her "tells" when she was pregnant but had not publicly told people yet. I'm glad you're feeling a bit better and focusing on gratitude. Fingers crossed that your BP appointment goes well!

  2. I'm really trying to move more. I walked 3 miles two days last week and walked a mile today. My problem is that as soon as I am done, I want to sleep for a couple of hours and I am sure that is not what I should be doing.

  3. i'm glad the cardio has been helping with the fatigue. i am honestly terrified of that because i feel like i'm always tired now (not like dead on my feet, but always like 'yep, i could go to bed now' and i hate that and don't want it to get worse). i don't know much about pregnancy and heart rate, but i've heard your heart rates gets higher faster, so i'm sure walking is still pretty good! i always feel better overall when i do more cardio though, like more accomplished lol. freedom of movement IS amazing! kind of like when you have a runny or stuffy nose and can't breathe for like 2 weeks and then all of a sudden you can, it feels so fabulous. hahaha. kind of like that. hope your injury is better?


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