Sep 22, 2016

The Bright Spots

I think we've all felt mired in negative, depressing news at some point.  And especially lately, with shootings, hate crimes, emotions running high over the election, and terrorism over in Europe, it's hard to remember that there's good in the world too.

Every once in a while, a happy story makes it to the front page of Reddit and it's like a little bright spot in the heap of ugly.  I figured we could all use a break, so I collected my favorite stories from r/UpliftingNews so that the non-Redditors could enjoy it too.

A lesbian couple's home was egged and their rainbow flag stolen.  Their neighbors showed solidarity by hanging their own rainbow flags.

Dog mayor elected for 3rd term in Cormorant, Minnesota

Traditional Indian parents throw their son a gay Hindu wedding

Women Celebrates Her Birthday by Feeding the Hungry

Community cleans up racist graffiti on family's home before they return from vacation

Divers Rescue Trapped Whale Shark in Mexico

McDonalds Worker with Down Syndrome Retires After 32 Years

Girl Rescued from Rubble in Italy

Mystery Duck Cheers Up Heartbroken Dog Grieving over "Best Friend"

Arizona Coyotes Hire Dawn Braid, NHL's First Ever Female Coach

And to top it all off, I'll end with this picture of happy hippos.

What do you do to keep cheerful when the news feels really depressing?  What are your favorite news stories?

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  1. My mom should subscribe to that subreddit! She is on reddit all the time and goes bonkers reading conspiracy theories and bad news. Everyone needs some good news in their life to balance it out.

  2. Aw I love all of these! Isn't it crazy how animals of different species are better to each other than humans are? Like the momma lion who protected a hurt fox? Even the top of the food chain shows love and compassion for other creatures, but we're terrible at it.

  3. YAY!!! Happy storie! I quit watching the news regularly because I just cant handle all the terrible things that they throw at you every single day. I get The Skimm email every morning and just browse it to make sure I am not missing anything super important but I would much rather read about that dog and duck a million times. I might have teared up a little bit, we will blame it on the hormones.

  4. I hear you. I almost hate looking at the news because it's just awful and depressing. One doesn't want to uninformed - but dang! Sometimes you can only take so much. While I am admittedly a #CrazyCatLady, I am from MN so I have to read about the town that elected a dog mayor. That is so cool. And maybe all politicians should be dogs and cats. Somehow not only do I think they would get along better, they would also accomplish more!

    1. Haha! I saw a meme where they said something like, "All politicians are corru..." and then it zoomed in to show the article of the dog being proclaimed mayor. Lol!

  5. A popular radio station in my area airs a happy news segment that I just heard the other day. Can't remember the station, but they were sharing it for the same reason- there's so much hate and bad news all the time, and sometimes we just want to hear about the good stuff that still happens. My favorite was about a girl who uses coupons to buy groceries in bulk to give to the hungry and is aiming to feed 30K people before she turns 30. I also really like the one here about the community that cleaned up the graffiti before the family got home. Definitely some feel good news!

  6. I subscribe to r/babyelephantgifs and it cures all of life's ills, three seconds at a time. These are solid too :)

  7. i don't do reddit, but one of my favourite things to do when i am feeling down, whatever the reason, is look on like buzzfeed and the like for things like this... like the world IS a good place and people CAN be awesome. it makes me want to be a better person, though i've never done anything awesome like saving an animal, cleaning graffiti or feeding the hungry. but it makes me want to :)


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