Sep 27, 2016

They Say Owners Grow to Be Like Their Dogs...

When we adopted Toast, I was allowed more say in the decision because, as Ryan jokingly said, "She's going to be your dog and Luke is mine."  I was mildly offended.  Uh, Luke is my baby too!

But that's totally what happened.

Luke watching Ryan do yard work through the window

Toast 2 feet away from me.  Also, look at her ear!!!  It does that about half the time now and it's sooo cute!

Toast is completely attached to me, which is to say she dislikes me less than all other humans, and either through training or through neediness follows me through the house wherever I go and settles down somewhere in eyesight.  Luke will follow me around, too, but only when I'm doing something interesting, or there's food, or when he feels like it.  He's far more likely to settle under Ryan's desk, or stay on the couch in order to be close to Ryan when I leave the room, and he cuddles with Ryan given the slightest chance.  He cuddles with me, too, but only if I'm actively petting him.

So it worked out - we each have our own dog but we both take care of both.  But one thing I've become increasingly aware of, and increasingly amused by, is how much more we have in common with the "other person's dog."

How Toast is Like Ryan

  • Ryan's been facing some anxiety challenges the past couple years and Toast is a textbook case for anxiety
  • Both are thin, with amazing metabolisms
  • They like food, but if something else comes up (say work or the food bowl not being in the right place), it can be ignored
  • They're smarter and more prone to using logic to solve problems
  • They're the more athletic 2 of the household
  • An adjustment period is needed for new things
  • Persistence pays off!

    How Luke is Like Me

    • We're fairly chill but we do get upset when other people (or dogs) are upset
    • We're chubby chowhounds (technically Luke is a healthy weight now but he was overweight for quite a while when we lived with a friend who did open feeding)
    • We love people, but only while they're paying attention to us
    • If not provided alone time, we will eventually seek out solitude (Luke gets tired of being corralled all the time along with Toast and will eventually ignore my summons to lie by himself in his dog bed)
    • We're cuddlers
    • New things?  My favorite!!!
    • Meh - the goal isn't really THAT important...

    As I was writing this post, I heard Ryan yelling, "They're stuck on the tree again!"  We let the dogs out on a lead and on the rare occasion that they go all the way to the end and wander in the brambles, they inevitably end up on opposite sides, wrapped once or twice around a bush or tree.

    So I headed to the door to rescue my poor, dumb children and I saw the perfect last bullet points for these lists.  Toast was doggedly (tee hee) yanking at the leash, determined to get free of whatever mysterious obstacle was preventing her from returning to the house (like backing up and running - I don't know why but I'm always proud of her for using her little brain to try to solve problems), while Luke had given up and was more or less contentedly laying down and awaiting rescue.

    But anyway, I think it all kind of makes sense.  Luke and I have more of a calming influence in the household, so we attract the ones who aren't already calm and in return we get lots and lots of attention.  And sometimes treats.  Because, you know, we're food motivated.

    Are you and your dogs alike?  Or, like us, is it more opposites attract?

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    1. Haha this was so cute! I always wonder about getting a second dog, but Hawkeye would hate it. I think Hawkeye is definitely more like me, but she loves John better. She follows him everywhere! He has to have the tv on to nap (we always nap on the weekends!), so if I'm napping upstairs and he's downstairs, Hawkeye picks him. Always. I used to take it personally but when she's scared she comes to me for comfort so that makes it better :)

    2. OH MY GOSH. Yep. I am nodding my head 100%. (Your dog-related posts are really sucking me in. Ha!) We have two dogs and while they are both "ours", Lylee is K's baby and Enzo is my shadow. And when it comes down to it, my personality is so similar to Lylee (stubborn, clever, high-strung, independent, ok with being alone) and K is similar to Enzo in many ways (laid back, non-confrontational, prefers to be with people vs. alone). That's too funny. Awesome observation!

    3. Hahaha yes!!!! Mac is very food motivated like me!!! But he is sort of an ass and DEMANDS attention when he wants it. Like knock shit out of your hands and slaps you with his paw to get you to pet him. Not sure which one of us is that demanding..hahaha

    4. "so we attract the ones who aren't already calm and in return we get lots and lots of attention. And sometimes treats. Because, you know, we're food motivated." LOL! While I don't have dogs, I have definitely seen similar traits between dogs and their owners. I don't really think Max (my cat) and I have similar personalities beyond a deep appreciation of the cat nap. What I do think, in retrospect, is that I seek cats that have those opposite traits to balance my own.

    5. I love your observations! That's super interesting.

      Our dogs definitely play favorites. And now that you mention it, Tully, who is my shadow, is super cuddly of her own accord. Flora, who favors Michael, doesn't usually actively cuddle...even though we force our cuddles on her. I'm totally like Flora in that regard and Michael is more like Tully. And Flora is also fine just chilling on her own. She'll leave us and just hang out upstairs sometimes. That's me. Tully is always wherever we are, much more like Michael!

    6. LOVE this post. ALL the love. Toast and Luke are both so beautiful. We have 3 cats and 2 dogs. Of all the animals, who all love us both, Astro the ginger cat is 100% a mama's boy. We are alike. Our life consists of eating, sleeping, and cuddling.

    7. This is too funny! Toast and Luke are adorable. I don't think our cats are anything like us (thank goodness we're not like them), but Boba Fett definitely has a preference for me haha. He loves for me to carry him around, but if Greg tries it, he tries to jump down immediately. I like that Luke is chill, like 'eh.. eventually someone will come get me off this tree.'

    8. oh my gosh, i love this. and i know what you mean about being proud of Toast using her brain.. Millie is like that, she is SO smart and is the kind of cat that will open a cabinet and find the treats, or figure out a way out of a mess. Chelsea is the kind that will just lay wherever she is and wait for someone to fix her. It's so funny.

    9. I think my Westley reminds me of my dad. He's such a little old man. Max does remind me of me. He likes people but also very much needs his me time.


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