Oct 17, 2016

Weekly Wins

I totally forgot to post this during a weekend filled with social events and client projects (whoop whoop!), so I'll go ahead and do it now.

The Wins!


  • So Good They Can't Ignore You convinced me that I needed to A) Continue stretching my skills by taking on projects I don't already know how to do and B) Solicit more feedback.  So I sent my website to a free user testing site (Peek) and laughed my butt off at the strong British accent declaring that my site had "an awful lot of flourishes" but was overall easy to use.
  • I also found a graphic design forum for project critiques since I was too chicken to go back to Reddit after an unfortunate incident a few years ago.  So far this community seems both nicer and more educated on the topic, but we'll see.  I just submitted my first project for critique so helpfully they're helpful!
  • New client!!!  Referred by the awesome Kelli AND in need of a Wordpress website, which is a skill I conveniently picked up these past few weeks.


  • Family dog park/jogging days.  It's a little challenging to run with 2 dogs and keep them both on the side out from under my feet (and other people's) but Toast is a surprisingly good little runner!  She's just got so much energy.
  • Yoga with my mom.  This is probably the most consistent exercise I get and we've found some fun prenatal videos!  Although our last one was ridiculous.  Harder than some of our non-pregnancy yoga videos and all kinds of silliness like, "Flow from down dog into cobra, keeping your belly just off the floor."  Why not just do something that's not based on a pose that's on your stomach, eh?

Happiness Project

  • Meetup attended!  Rather spur of the moment, but I was browsing and found a "women in tech" group that was having a class on social media branding, which sounded right up my alley.
  • Also brunch, lunch, and a wedding.  The past week was jam-packed.


  • I was just happier this week than I have been.  Exhausted and craving some alone time, but overall very happy.

Thoughts and Plans for Next Week

  • I specifically did NOT make plans for this weekend because I knew if I had social stuff going on every other weekend, I'd be burned out.  Technically we have a gaming session, but that's not quite as draining for some reason.
  • I really need to get on my party planning.  We have 2 weeks until Halloween and I really want to have some actual game type stuff to go along with the standard, "let's drink and talk."  Plus it's October 17th and our house isn't decorated!  What is this madness???

What victories did you have last week?  What's in the works for the upcoming week?

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  1. dang that video sounds hard to non pregnant people like me haha. but yay for yoga and running with the dogs! i used to run with my golden, but i stopped after she tripped me too many times lol

  2. Sounds like a great week! I'm not so good at yoga now, so I hate to imagine how I would manage it pregnant! I can't believe we're two weeks from Halloween. I need to find Max a costume!

    1. Oh ha! I'm not flexible at all, so while some things are harder now (like my knees need to be further apart during child's pose) a lot hasn't really changed that much. Still can barely reach my toes, still struggle during down dog. :P

      I'm not ready for Halloween at all! It's going to be here and gone and then I'll be sad that I missed all the festivities.

  3. Yay for yoga, a new client, taking a class and being happier! Those all sound like awesome things.

  4. Love yoga :) I've tried jogging with both dogs before and it just doesn't work out. Haha. One dog is great and has the perfect pave while the other one just wants to sprint! Ha!

    I totally know what you mean with burning yourself out. We had a super social weekend with my husband's family and on Sunday they invited us over on more time. I wanted to go, but I knew that'd be torture on my brain/mood. I sent him alone and got some coffee by myself!

  5. Whoa, that really is a jam-packed week! I love going to social events and doing fun things with my family on the weekends, but sometimes I just crave the simplicity of sleeping in and wearing pajamas all day. Unfortunately, holiday season starts next weekend for me so I won't be getting much sleeping in done until next year. Lol.


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