Oct 23, 2016

Weekly Wins!

Another good week.  There's something to be said for tracking gratitude, I think.  Oh, and that "find work you love and you'll never work a day in  your life" saying?  That's doing good things for me lately.  Just fired up and ready to work all the time!

The Wins!


  • Got myself a UPS box (aka street address so I don't have to advertise my personal address) and updated a bunch o' business listings.  Fingers crossed for moving up in the search rankings!
  • Social media strategy built!  Boom!!!  Look out world, I'ma be sending you some "Graphic Design Fun Facts" this and the next 8 Fridays at the very minimum.
  • First WordPress client project in the works.  Learn new skills, get new clients.
  • Oh!  And in return for her awesome referral of said client, I revamped Kelli's logo - go look!  In't it purdy?


  • I was all set to say "First 5K since getting pregnant!" but it turns out the GPS wandered a bit and it was probably closer to 4.5 kilometers.  Whatever, longest run since... I don't even know when.  Last year, possibly?  Go me.

Happiness Project

  • Accidental book swap.  I was just trying to do the chain thing going around on FB and then my friends who commented were displeased that it wasn't a regular swap, so I made it one.  It's not super social, but I'm still kind of tickled that I accidentally organized a thing I've always been too wimpy to do.  And I feel weirdly proud of myself for listening to feedback and then finding a way to make it work after all.


  • I'm kind of letting personal life and having a clean house and all that get away from me, BUT I did finally manage to get some party planning and prep done over a week in advance, so hopefully I won't be scrambling Friday night/Saturday morning to throw it all together.

Thoughts and Plans for Next Week

  • Halloween par-tay!  I love planning these, almost more than the actual event.  In any case, I hope it's fun.

What victories did you have last week?  What's in the works for the upcoming week?

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  1. I actually blogged last week. That was a really big deal for me. I have been so wrapped up in "busy" and "work" that I had lost all desire to put my thoughts/feeling/random crap on paper. Funny how being told my job is ending that I started actually thinking about myself. I've been using my banked days off and sudden;t creativity came back.

    I also went hiking and climbed a rock. Big victories for me.

  2. How did I miss a book swap?
    I like these list of "wins" for you. It sums up a well-rounded ass-kickin' week.

  3. Ohhh book swaps are so much fun! If you do it again, let me know! Also hooray for Halloween party planning! I have decided to hold a Halloween/Thanksgiving party. I am just going to have Friendsgiving this year and call it even. Its sort of right in between the two holidays, so why not. I also had planned to have a gathering for those who couldn't make it to my wedding so this is going to be perfect. We are recreating the soup from the wedding for those who loved it and those who didn't get to try it. Also kudos to your run! I'm going back to the gym this today. I need it. I feel the neglect to my body so bad lately. So glad you have a great week!

  4. Yay for a UPS box! That was one of the first things I did when starting a business, and I still use it today for non-business-related stuff! Kudos for the party prep! We finished up pretty much all the shopping and party bags last weekend too so now it's just decorating and putting snacks/apps in the oven right before. And of COURSE it will be fun- what's better than having all your friends around just to hang out and "celebrate" Halloween?!

  5. You are kicking ass at all business things! That is awesome! I am trying to stay on top of my cleaning game so hard right now because I know in a few weeks I am going to be a mess. Even though I feel like doing nothing anymore. When that nesting bug hits you...take advantage of that shit because it will go and leave you exhausted! LOL! Congrats on the run! I haven't ran since I found out I was pregnant. I walk 2 miles a few days a week and left light weights a few days but no running for me. My hips and back wont allow for such torture. And as of lately? I barely fit in to my work out shoes. Swollen feet are no joke!

  6. Go Jenn! I need to do something like this for myself. To remind me of all the things I did accomplish (I can be really hard on myself and forget half the things I did) but also to track where I'm not doing so hot and may or may not even realize it. It's so awesome that you can still run while pregnant because I can't run while not-pregnant. :D


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