Nov 8, 2016

Book Gifs Be Seriously Lacking

During my accidental book swap hosting, I was trying to find a book gif to liven up the Facebook post and other than the ones with Belle, I was kind of disappointed in the selection.  I don't know what I wanted, but I feel like there should at least be books explosions, or books in space, or a mountain of books, or someone happily rolling in a swimming pool of books.  Seriously, not a specific vision at all...

Anyway, I started the month off with some duds and then struggled a bit to get back into it.  I was also trying to force myself to only read productively and I started to get a bit burned out with it, so I ended up rereading the Percy Jackson series when I needed a break.

♥♥♥♥♥ - Loved!

Think: Straight Talk for Women to Stay Smart in a Dumbed-Down World by Lisa Bloom

I started reviewing this and realized I needed to talk a lot more about it.  Full review here, but basically this WILL make you think.  It's not necessarily fun to read but I highly recommend because the vast majority of us could use a reminder to educate ourselves about the world we live in and not get distracted by the petty bullshit that dominates American culture.  Even if you're thinking to yourself, "Oh, I already do that" still read it.  There'll be something you didn't know and she has a ton of great resources at the end.

The Secrets of Happy Families by Bruce Feiler

Sooo good.  I do feel like a lot of the tips are better geared towards families with non-babies (as in old enough to talk and think vs my little fetus) because they involve things like forging your family identity and letting the kids have a say in their chores and discipline and so on, but I discussed almost every idea with Ryan and I fully intend on rereading this in 4 years or so.  I LOVE the idea of using business organization tactics at home and I also love that everything the author talks about is based on research (including his own, anecdotes from other successful families, and scientific studies).  I also appreciate the author's attitude - he's very humble and has more of a "pick and choose what works for you" approach than a "one size fits all."

♥♥♥♥ - Liked

Superfreakonomics by Steven Levitt & Stephen Dubner

Fun facts and an interesting take on various social/cultural issues.  I was surprised how interesting they managed to make trivia and I'm glad to know more of the science behind global warming (I feel like normally people take a political approach when they discuss it instead of explaining the research).  I was also fascinated by the economics of prostitution.  :P

♥♥♥ - Ambivalent-ed

100 Habits of Successful Freelance Designers by Steve Gordon Jr.

Not much to say about this one.  It was pretty, had lots of imagery and easy to scan, bulleted information.  It read more like an Internet article than a book, which was great because I had too many books and needed to get rid of some quickly.  But I also didn't feel like it was anything I couldn't have gotten from searching the Internet.  So... meh.

♥♥ - Mildly Disliked


 - Did Not Finish or Wanted to Burn in a Fire

MFW Seeking BFF by Rachel Bertsche

I will concede that there is a small possibility that this book redeemed itself by the end.  However, the author enraged me so much in the first 30 pages that I could not continue.  The author seemed so immature, and judgmental, and had no self awareness that I could detect.  Whining about your lack of friends, and then jumping to snap decisions about people and "playing hard to get" or thinking someone else is weird for inviting you out again because it's "too soon."  Nope, nuh uh, just not my cup of tea.  I do understand wimping out or feeling awkward, but at least I know it's my own damn fault when that happens.  And even if the author does learn to be a better person by the end, I don't need to read a whole book to figure out how to be nice to people and put myself out there.


Beauty and the Clockwork Beast for a nice change o' pace, and then Year of Yes for my "while being productive" audiobook.

Challenge Updates

Erin 5.0

Finally complete!  And just in time for the end of the challenge (ran until the end of October so... yeah I cut it close).  Challenge book this month: Happy Families.

Jenn Self Book Challenge

I could cheat and count a couple of these, but they were all completed well before I started my personal challenge, so I'll start counting next month.

What have you been reading?  Have you read anything from my list and what did you think?

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  1. the secrets of happy families sounds interesting. i will add it to the list for one day. i have heard not great things about the seeking BFF book so i am definitely skipping it. i reeeeaaally hope you like beauty & the clockwork beast :)

  2. I read MWF seeking BFF a few years ago and I remember not really liking it either! I remember thinking, if you want to make friends with your interests, just start a blog :) I'm definitely intrigued by The Secrets of Happy Families!

  3. I love that you read nonfiction. Sometimes I feel like I'm the lone nonfiction soldier!

  4. Someone else posted about the Families book, and it sounds really interesting. Based on your review I don't think I will rush out to get it (my little one is still a "baby") but it's definitely on the TBR.

  5. I love the Percy Jackson series. It was a little embarrassing going to the middle school section of the library to get them, but worth it! I already added Think to my TBR from your review post. I consider myself to be open-minded and so on, but I also get stuck in my own world, which isn't the whole world.

    1. Haha! Yeah, I bought them all before I started making myself use the library so no walk of shame to and from the 12-year-old section!

  6. I loved The Secrets of Happy Families too as you saw today - what a wonderful book. I was really intrigued by that BFF book but it was a DNF for me last was not good at all. I love your Jenn book challenge but I think I already told you that :)

  7. The Secrets of Happy Families seems interesting. I saw it on another list or two this month. Probably not something I could get much use out of right now, but still sounds interesting nonetheless.

    Haven't read Super Freakonomics and read the first one (maybe I just skimmed it?) way too long ago to a) remember any of it or b) have understood much of it then.

    Was MFW Seeking BFF non-fiction? Because if so, gross. I actually like when fiction books have characters I fundamentally disagree with--I play a game with the author to see if he/she can make me sympathetic to the character anyway, hah. But if it's just a crappy person writing a book, nah, I'm good.

  8. LOL at wanted to burn in a fire!!!! I saw a few people talk about that book but I was all ummmmmm yea no. Might need to check out Secrets of Happy Families.

  9. The husband likes the Freakonomics and Superfreakonomics books. I'd be interested in the stats about the economics of prostitution as well. You see, I now live in a country with legalized prostitution and my views have definitely changed since doing so. I've got a blog in draft talking about it, but a little scared that it's a little too controversial.

  10. I loved The Secrets of Happy Families. It revolutionized our family vacations.

  11. Ohhh, LOVE seeing "Think" show up on someone else's list! Lisa Bloom is amazing. (And man is she going to be working hard in the near future.)

  12. I want to read The Secret of Happy Families! It sounds really good. :)

  13. I'm so glad you hated MWF too! I still don't know how it's a national best seller. The premise sounded so promising but the delivery was horrid. The Secret of Happy Families sounds like a good one, especially when Raptor is a little older!

  14. Wait, sorry, still laughing at DNF/Wanted to burn in a fire.

    I largely hate rules (aka you invited someone out too soon etc) so it sounds like I'd want to burn that in a fire as well.


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