Nov 6, 2016

Weekly Wins!

Some ups and downs this week.  I'll just skip the downs, because positivity!  Huzzah!!!

The Wins!


  • Got my new bank account set up (goodbye minimum balance requirement and mobile deposit fees!) and sent my first invoice through Wave, which was beautifully simple and I will try to ignore the loss of control I have over the design of the invoice which is really not that important in the long run.
  • Oh!  Sent my first enewsletter!!!  Nothing special and I don't have any real subscribers yet, but it was still kind of exciting.  (Want to see what super exciting stuff I send out once a month and give me a heart attack from joy at the same time?  You can subscribe here.)
  • All kinds of client goodness.  Finished my first full WordPress website, helped design (and conceptualize) a bunch of social media graphics for a campaign, and designed a cookbook.  :P


  • Baby's hanging out on my sciatic nerve and I'm generally feeling achy and crappy (ah, the 3rd trimester everyone's been telling me about...) so this was actually a pretty big win though it sounds small.  I started doing 5 minute workouts every day (snapping them to my accountabilibuddies, naturally), with the intention to form the habit and knowing that I'm more likely to continue working out once I get warmed up and started.
  • On that note, no offense to the ones I already have, but does anyone else need an accountability partner for working out?  Mine forget to give me shit when I don't send pictures so the accountability part is a bit lacking.

Happiness Project

  • Started the month off sorting some old photos!  I have found I have a much higher tolerance for flipping through pictures of the dogs (it's like a flip book of them playing!), so I didn't purge those as heavily, but I'm getting rid of the hundreds of sunsets, flowers, and duplicate poses of people to try to get it down to a number that's fun to look at instead of overwhelming.


  • After feeling pretty sorry for myself earlier in the week (did I mention sciatic pain?) I rallied and got back to work, both legit work and putting the house to rights (it was still a mess from the party).
  • Planned about 1 social event per week for the rest of November, which is about the right amount to be out there but not overwhelmed.

Thoughts and Plans for Next Week

  • Looking forward to voting and the election being over!  Also I need to put quite a bit more effort into my happiness project since this first week was underwhelming.

What victories did you have last week?  What's in the works for the upcoming week?

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  1. That sciatic nerve pain is NO JOKE!!! I had it so bad for awhile and now I just hurt all the time haha. I would totally be your accountability partner except I missed an entire week of work outs last week due to back pain and not fitting in to any work out shoes and just being lazy AF. I did a 10 minute work out this morning and the entire time I was like ughhh why do I do this to myself. Oh and I did it bare foot which is never good for my knees but whatever. Talk to me in January. lol

  2. Yay for the wins and boo on the downs. Sounds like business is going really well, which is fantastic. I have to plead full ignorance on the sciatic nerve pain but hopefully that is something that is temporary? I have a ton of photos eating up space on my laptop too, but I've been avoiding purging them. I tend to go overboard and wind-up with some regret later but still need to do it. And I completely understand your higher tolerance of looking at dog pictures. I feel the same way about my cats! LOL!

    1. It's mostly good! I was supposed to run my first Facebook ad campaign this past week and then I got overwhelmed and couldn't think of any kind of messaging for it, so I'm not meeting all my goals, but I am excited about the ones that are working out. Finding clients is hard! I'm still trying to figure out where my target market hangs out and I'm forcing myself to go to more networking events, even though I still kind of dread them.

  3. i will absolutely give you shit if you need me to! lets be accountabilibuddies! love that name too by the by. i have a big weekend coming up (lots o driving, running and then driving again) so i am taking it easy this week. i hope. sorry about the pain :(


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