Nov 23, 2016

What I Hope People Receive From Me

This was supposed to be posted during Alyssa's challenge, but I got a little, erm, distracted (cough, abolish the electoral college!).  But I still like it and I'm posting it now.


There are a lot of things I wish I was and a lot of things I'm trying to be, but I know I haven't achieved all of the latter, and I'm not the best person to gauge the former, so I'm adding caveats to my answers for this.

I hope that...

...while I can't always match your level of enthusiasm, I do provide some stability when you need a calm force to rely on.

...while I don't always know whether you want support or advice, I provide thoughtful, helpful measures of either when it's made clear to me which you'd prefer.

...while I don't join in on alcohol-fueled fun anymore, my presence is still enjoyable to be around (and the DD services are useful).

...while my emotions sometimes run away with me, I can tell the difference between logic and emotion and let you know when I need space to let irrationality run its course.

...while I do have strong opinions, I can handle dissenting opinions from other people and that you aren't afraid to speak your mind around me.

...while I can be a crabby, judgmental jerk in my own head, I manage to set that aside and treat people fairly.

...while my self help books can be a dull topic for everyone else, I'm becoming a more well-rounded and generally better person every day.

...while I've made my fair share of mistakes and we have our differences of opinion, my parents are proud of me.

...while I'm not perfect and I've got plenty of mistakes left to make, I provide a good role model for my child.

...while Ryan and I are somewhat set in our ways, we will provide a fair explanation of all the options that are out there and not force our child to conform to our standards.

...while this introvert needs some personal space, I manage to be there when it matters most.

...while I tend to babble on about myself too frequently, some of the things I say are useful or entertaining.

What do you hope you are to other people?

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  1. Love this Jenn and it's 100% you. I particularly like this one, "while my emotions sometimes run away with me, I can tell the difference between logic and emotion and let you know when I need space to let irrationality run its course." I am not always so good about giving myself the space to let irrationality run its course but definitely need to follow your lead here!

    I hope that people see me as someone who genuinely cares about them and is working to make herself and the word a better place. Someone who seeks growth and appreciates her blessings.

    Happy Thanksgiving Jenn!

    1. Thank you! It's definitely a challenge and I don't always manage it. But for the most part life is much easier when I take the time to sort through my feelings and if there's no basis for them, let them run their course without picking a pointless fight. And sometimes I just have to be sad and there's not a good reason for it, but giving myself permission to feel that way makes it easier to recover again than when I try to fight it and be logical all the time.

  2. I think you're doing great! What I get from you is a well-educated, passionate, experienced human who tries to make those in her presence feel comfortable and welcome. You really can't ask for much more than that! (I wish I could get as invested in self-help books as you have. I have a few on my Xmas wishlist so maybe 2017 will bring some internal changes for me!)

  3. I get all that and then some from you. You're truly one of my favorite humans. Hooray for blogging!!

  4. Glad you're still posting on these prompts! They were meant to be used, so use them whenever :)

    I can totally see you being all these things for people in your life, where I don't have personal experience with you being them for me. I admire you in a lot of ways and am happy to be your friend on the internet and in real life.

  5. I love this and totally see a lot of these things you want people to see just through your blogging :)

  6. The second one really resonates with me. Sometimes when someone shares something with me, I wonder "do they just need someone to listen to them and validate their thoughts and feelings?" or "are they asking for input or advice?" I want to be able to provide both a listening ear and, as you stated, "thoughtful, helpful measures" of support or advice. Nice post, Jenn.


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