Nov 3, 2016

Who I Admire

I feel like we had this prompt in high school and I had to google someone who was admiration-worthy because nothing came to mind.  Now, as an adult who actually cares about the world and has educated herself, the question is just as hard to answer because there are so many.  It's a little like, "What's your favorite book?"

I Admire...

...people who stand up for their beliefs and who change the world like Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Malala Yousafzai.

...authors whose work has had an impact on my life, like John Gray, Ayn Rand, Gretchen Rubin, Sheryl Sandberg, and Devorah Zack.

...Marie Kondo for having so much passion that she comes across as just a little bit crazy.

...people who are authentically themselves, like Steph, and Stephanie, and Kelli.

...people who are still finding themselves, and who are willing to work towards the future and the self they want to be. mom, for being such a strong, good person and managing to put up with my dad and us and still somehow raise us to be decent people. sisters for their incredible work ethic and the lives they've built for themselves.  I admire Sister3's willingness to live outside the bounds of convention and Sister2's compassion for other human beings.

...everyone who's ever published a book, or built a business, or run a marathon, or worked their butt off to reach a goal.

...everyone who's ever jumped out of a plane, faced one of their fears, or done something spontaneous.

I actually had a conversation with my mom not too long ago when I was feeling despondent and I said, "I used to think there were good people.  I don't believe in that anymore.  I think everyone has the potential to do horrible things."

She said, "Well, if that was the case, wouldn't that make the good things everyone does more admirable, because they have to really try to do them?"

Yes, yes it would.  So somehow that whiny little, "Meh the world is terrible" moment became something that is actually rather inspiring and when I have to answer the question of who I admire, it's damn near everyone.

Who do you admire?  What traits or actions do you find particularly admirable?


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  1. Aw thank you so much, I'm honored to be included on your list. I need to make one of these myself!

  2. Oh man, your mom makes an excellent point about doing good things!!! This is a hard prompt and I have to say I really love your list. These are the type of people that I admire as well.

  3. Your mom with that positive perspective! She is so right!
    I always struggle with this question... for the same reason as adult-you does.
    I have always listed my dad as a role model. He has his flaws, but he's works so hard in his life and he believes in the goodness of people and he has loved my brother and I way more than we've ever deserved. He's flawed, and his political beliefs are whack, but he has never discouraged me or scolded me for being different from him or anyone else.
    Also on the list are my husband, my mom, my grandmother, and many more people I don't know personally. Ha.

  4. awww your mom is so smart!
    i admire all of these people too. i admire people who are true to themselves and don't take shit from anyone, but in a loving kind way and not in a horrible bitchy way haha. i have struggled with this prompt, but i love your list.

  5. Yesss Malala and RBG!!! I admire so many badass women. Love that you included Steph! But I need to go check out Stephanie's and Kelli's blogs!

  6. I totally know what you mean. I haven't written this post yet, but I've been brainstorming it, and there's just not one answer. Which, I think, is an amazing thing.

    I haven't read Marie Kondo's books, but I love that description. I admire that too! I'm sure I come off as crazy when I talk about yoga or running or some of my writing projects (when I do ever talk about them), and I love seeing that spark of madness in others.

    Your mom is a smart lady. For the record, I agree with you that I think everyone has the potential to do horrible things. That they don't is pretty amazing. I'm going to remember your mom's words there. That's pretty awesome.

  7. I admire the thought you put into this list because the traits and descriptions of why you admire the people you do are all well worth your admiration.
    I enjoyed the story between you and your mom, because, like you, I believe good people are capable of horrible things. I think horrible people are capable of good things. And, I'm a believer that people can do more good in the world, if they choose to do so.

  8. Your mom raises a very valid point!


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