Dec 6, 2016

Happiness Project Month 4: Get Shit Done!

Shouldn't today be Show Us Your Books day?  I really wanted to talk books today but since that's not an option, I will instead address this happiness project thing that I have totally flaked on.

Month 3 Update: Self Actualization


I think I said them about 3 times.  I'm about burned out on this aspect, so I'll skip it for the next month.


I only had one and that was to spend 15 minutes a day on at least one of my projects.  Big fat fail.  But I think I know why.  I think it was too vague.  I tend to do better with a specific task to check off each day, rather than "work on ___" or "exercise ___ minutes."

To Do

  1. Sort and purge old photos - I made progress.  Ryan was awesome and let me sift through my physical photos and show him funny old high school memories, which made it easier for me to let some go.  I never take them out and reminisce on my own, so I don't need them, but I wanted to share them with someone before I said goodbye.  So physical photos = done, and digital photos I made it through 2011 and the "old" folder which was everything from before I had my own camera.  The good news?  2011 was the year I thought I might become a photographer and (I think) the only year with hundreds of scenery pictures to sift through.
  2. System for memory keeping - Nope.  In part because I never finished the photos part.
  3. Passive income project - It took me all month to really come up with an idea that made sense to me.  'Cause sure, I can sell templates, but what makes it any different than any other templates you can buy from Theme Forest or on Etsy?  Then I thought of making branding packages which would include logo, business cards, and social media setup, in addition to the template.  This makes way more sense for me, personally, BUT it's hardly "passive" income because people are going to need to customize all these things and, with the exception of a WordPress website, I don't know how to set it up that they can handle customization on their own.
  4. Set up Etsy shop - Again, dependent on the previous step so no.
  5. The book - Decided to let this go.  I waited too long and my idea has floated away.

In Conclusion

My brain has felt really scattered and all over the place this month.  Business really died down after the election (and it took me a while to recoup and get back to it, too) and the house is messy and things are generally a bit blegh.

But I'm starting to feel better and I don't want to be or feel blegh anymore, so I think what I want to do for month 4 is the thing that will help the most to make me feel more content.  And no, that's not the month of "fun" I was originally planning.

Month 4: Get Shit Done!

This will be less interesting to read about, but it needs to be done.  I'm going to tackle the photos again, but I'm going about it a different way.  And I only have 2 weeks to work with because on the 21st I'm flying out to California to spend Christmas with family.

No affirmations, no resolutions, just getting down to business.

To Do

  1. House - The state of my house is often a reflection of my mental state.  I know putting it to rights will galvanize me, so I want to do it first.  A) Reorganize entry closet B) Set up new crib, dispose of old one C) Decorate for Christmas!
  2. Sort Photos - I've broken this down into years and picked days that I know are relatively open to work on this.
  3. Get Photos Printed - Easy enough once I finish the 1st step.  Should be a one-day task.
  4. Baby Book and Scrapbook - Instead of going solo, I'm going to enlist Ryan to help me.  Both for accountability and because it will mean more later.
  5. Finish Digital Marketing Book - I've been reading this in small doses because there's sooo many tips I want to utilize, but I need to just get it done and stop spending every other day tinkering with my website.  Batching.
  6. Make Specific Business Goals - Instead of reaching Wednesday and thinking, "Hmmm, what do I want to work on?" I want to go back to setting goals and planning my week on Monday.
  7. Business "Packages" - I need to think on this a bit more, but I don't think I'll be opening an Etsy shop (because of that whole needing customization thing), but I do want to design examples for a "Website/Social package" and a "Complete Branding package."

That's probably more than enough.  The goal (similar to last month) is to start the new year feeling decluttered and fresh and ready to start mentally preparing for big life changes.  (I have a huge stack of parenting books just waiting for me.)

It's crunch time, ladies and gentlemen!

What are your last minute tasks for the year?  Anything you're in a rush to get done before the holidays?

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  1. Second Tuesday of the month is SUYB. Today's only the first Tuesday.

    I have been wanting to get my photos in order for YEARS. One day I will actually sit down and do it.

  2. January is always my get shit done month, but I find myself planning things out for right now too.
    You know number 1 is my fave :) I love a good closet re-organization project. Good luck!

  3. Ugh. My photos are crazy and eat up so much space because I'm too lazy to move them to the cloud. I just need to go through them. Most are food pictures, anyway, so they can be deleted. But still. It's a task I keep avoiding. I had contemplated setting up an etsy shop too, but decided against it for now. It just didn't really excite me and I'd rather put energy towards something that does. I'm just not sure what that is, unfortunately.

    1. This is the first year I've ever made a point of moving photos from my phone to my computer and it's nice because that's also the perfect time to clear out random photos I took in order to show someone something, or to remind myself of something that's no longer relevant. No photo sorting needed for 2016! I just have to get through 2012-2015.

  4. Photos is on my 101 in 1001 list. Im up to 2013. ALMOST THERE! Why did I ever think I need to save 5 practically identical photos of the same group of people with slightly different smiles? Ugh, current me hates past me.

    I totally need a "get shit done" month or week too. Not because of any upcoming deadline (like motherhood) but because scattered shit means scattered minds which means unhappy everyone who has to come into contact with Alyssa.

  5. Although I'm feeling the complete opposite, as we discussed, your to-do lists are always inspiring. One of the things that was on my year-end list was to get a fireproof safe. I bought one last week for a good deal. Makes me feel all secure with my passport and birth certificate all locked up safe :)

  6. i thought it was show us your books as well but i'm glad it isn't because my reading has been blah lately. need to catch up. oh i totally agree, the state of my house (er, currently in a basement but you get it) is absolutely a reflection of my mental state.
    i always want to do a bunch of shit in december. i did my photos a few months ago (like 10 minute goals at a time, sometimes turned into an hour sometimes 10 minutes exactly) but i don't really like how i did them and need to do them again. it's such a big project!

  7. I would totally buy a template. I am so sick of everything right now, which to be honest always seems to happen when I am overwhelmed and stressed and busy. Its like my brain says so you have a lot going on? Here is something else. I have resolved to start goal setting for 2017. I missed that in 2016.


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