Dec 1, 2016

Quarterly Goals - Winter 2017

Well... this season is just lame.  No better way to put it.

Autumn Seasonal Goals (September, October, November)

1. Try something new each month - Check!

September: ocean kayaking & cohosting kiddie sleepover, October: comedy club, November: massage (technically I've had one before but it was a hot stone massage and I didn't like it.  This was MUCH better).

2. Finish Zelda, Twilight Princess - Check!

And it was glorious!  I can still count the number of games I've played all the way through on one hand, but it always makes me feel accomplished to finish one.

3. Passive income project - Meh

I started...  Yep.  Just barely started.  What happened to November again?

4. Go to archery! - Sort of?

Ryan and I went to the archery club's Halloween party and "volunteered," intending to help with clean up.  They didn't actually need much help but it was nice to chat with some people.  As for actually going and shooting, I don't know, I don't really care anymore if I make time for it.  Ryan's the one with the membership (and expensive equipment) so it's not like I've invested all that much in the hobby anyway.

5. Write 60 pages in story - Newp

Decided to let the story go.  At this point I think I'm really just feeling more nostalgia than actual desire to do it.

6. Toast house training - Semi check

Shortly after making this goal, something seemed to click in Toast's little doggy brain.  We've been gradually expanding her freedom, and she's doing really well!  We started off leaving her out while running errands and moved on up until she was making it for the whole workday.  So far so good!

7. Finish sorting photos - Nuh uh

I have sporadically sifted through a couple additional trip folders, but I'm nowhere near completed.  I fully regret the days when I thought I might be a photographer and took hundreds of scenery pictures.

8. Family scrapbook! - Nada

Um yeah... apparently our family doesn't need to be documented.  There's always Facebook, right?

3/9 - Pa pa pa pathetic.  That's all I have to say about that.


Winter Goals

  1. Broaden My Cultural Horizons - I really like the Southern Poverty Law Center's message about education being the solution to hatred and prejudice.  I can't do a whole lot about other people, but I can continue to educate myself, which I plan to do through books and events that are outside my norm.
  2. Attend 1 Networking Event Per Month - My client market (local Delaware businesses) is just not online, so all my beautiful Instagram photos or money spent on Facebook ads is just not going to pack the same punch as actually going out and meeting people.
  3. Try Something New Each Month - Same as usual.
  4. Have a Baby; Don't Freak Out - Yeah, basically this is a reminder to myself that starting February I have no idea what to expect and not to set high expectations for all my amazing accomplishments the following months.  Also I've totally had adopter's remorse immediately after getting both dogs and both times it turned out to be ok and I fell in love with them and can't imagine ever going back and not getting them, so I need to remember that when it gets stressful and overwhelming.

Do you make seasonal goals?  What are you planning for this winter?

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  1. in Legend of Zelda/Link? i LOVED that game when i was a kid...played the gold cartridge and everything. I know you're referring to the updated game but Legend of Zelda takes me back to when i was a kid and my cousins and i stayed up ALL NIGHT/EVERY WEEKEND trying to finish it.

  2. I am honestly quite terrible with goals. I set them, work on them for bit, forget them and them moan about it later. :) This is definitely something I need to get better at doing because my life feels stagnant, which is due to no goal movement on my part. I agree wholeheartedly that education is key to curbing racism and prejudice. I really want to put some effort around educating youth because some kids are taught from birth that people who look different from them are bad. If we can help kids not only see a bigger picture but also experience different cultures and religions, they also people are just people.

    1. This is really not related, but my elementary school had a really great program for cultural awareness. Because we were only in 1st grade, it wasn't anything too in-depth, but I remember them telling us about Asia while we tried to eat popcorn with chopsticks, and learning about Mexico while making tamales. Food + culture = awesome time for everyone.

  3. Haha my goal is to not freak out right now either. Due date is tomorrow and she isn't showing much signs of wanting to come out. Ugh! I am so over being pregnant right now!!! I think you have a good list for the winter and at least you accomplished a few things on the fall list!

  4. Lol, "have a baby, don't freak out." I think everyone freaks out with their first baby :)

    It's impressive that you did something new each month! And you should give yourself a check for Toast's development! I rocked the Fall Bucket List and did pretty ok with my Goals. Hopefully posting about that this month! :)

  5. Yeah, I'm with you—What happened to November?! I let go of a NaNoWriMo goal this month too; just a few days in I realized I didn't want to, and working toward it right now would be weird and crazy and probably self-destructive.

    Yay for Toast progress!

    SPLC is a great, great resource i fortunately got to know a lot about in a previous job. I agree with that stance about education too.

    If I were having a baby, "don't freak out" would be at the top of my list.


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