Dec 4, 2016

Weekly Wins!

My brain feels completely scattered lately.  I wasn't even going to post this and then I remembered my first bullet point under "biznass" and I still wanted to brag about it, sooo...

The Wins!


  • Months after finishing the project and getting paid for it, a client was finally ready to put her website up online!  Naturally the deployment wasn't as smooth as it should have been so I spent a few days troubleshooting and now it is up and beautiful!
  • Followed up with some clients about invoicing.  I absolutely hate doing this so the victory here is following through instead of just taking the loss since the invoices aren't all that expensive.
  • Finished my FB ad campaign (got 16 new "likes" on my page, decided I'm not sure that quantifies as any great success, and probably won't pay more money for that unless those 16 people end up being very engaged and interested fans), and started a Google ad campaign (we'll see how it goes!).


  • After a slow start to the week, got some good workouts in!  A good mix of biking, (light) strength training, and yoga.
  • Did I already tell you guys how amazing my pregnancy workout leggings are?  They're amazing.  The most comfortable things I have ever put on my body.  I wish I never had to leave the house.
  • Have some (very modest) meal plans for this week.  Back to healthier eating! (until Christmas, because Christmas!!!)

Happiness Project

  • Still deciding what to do about this.  I should be switching from "self actualization" to "fun" but I really didn't do self actualization at all and I feel too mentally cluttered to be all, "la la la, let's ignore life and plan fun activities instead."  Maybe I'll do a "get all the shit done before the year ends" month so I can relax a little in January.


  • Survived a birthing class!  I know, this does not bode well for the actual birth, but oh my goodness.  Do you know how big 10cm is?  Have you seen a demo of an epidural or a c-section???  For the c-section, they cut open the first layer of skin, part the muscles with their hand, and then cut open the uterus.  Watching (even in cartoony simulation form) made me wince.  I know too much!
  • Instigated the next brunch group meetup for later in December.  I'm just barely getting to know these ladies, but we had a ball last time, talking creative topics (and movies and pets).
  • Was frustrated with a couple conversations I'd had with people, realized I was doing my usual "bottle it up and avoid that person until I feel better" BS, and decided to just be straightfoward and tell them what was bugging me.  One didn't respond and one responded much more positively than I anticipated and wasn't awkward about it later.  So overall it's probably a healthier way to deal with conflict than to go hide or fume or pout.

Thoughts and Plans for Next Week (aka This Week)

  • Erm...  I'll let you know when it's over.

What victories did you have last week?  What's in the works for the upcoming week?

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  1. That website looks great- good job! "La la la let's plan fun activities" is how December is for me every year because birthday month! Maybe you can switch it up and self actualize later since it seems like you're putting a lot of pressure on yourself to do it now. So happy to hear that sharing your feelings worked well with at least one of the people! And at least the other knows how you feel. I find it's much easier to let something go emotionally once it's communicated.

  2. The website looks great, Jenn! And made me hungry too. :) Normally, I'm in the camp where more knowledge is better but when it comes to childbirth - I'm not so sure. While I'm not a Mom, childbirth is kind of an amazing, freaky thing we put our bodies through. I definitely bottle things up versus dealing with it directly. I'm proud of you for being straightforward and honest and hopefully I will follow your lead the next time a situation like that arises for me.

    1. Thank you! At this point I've done a couple more but that was my first ever fully responsive site, so it's particularly exciting. :P

      Good luck! Even though Ryan and I have spent the last couple years getting good at it, it's still not first nature to me to talk through my problems with anyone else. And then when you do, it surprises them because that's not something that's been part of that relationship before, so it's just awkward for everyone.

  3. The website is awesome! I love the logo and the header on it! (Is that what it's called? Regardless, the top part! Haha!) I have never been to a birthing class (because I don't need it, ha) but I know I'll be 100% freaked out someday. Haha. I know it's natural/beautiful/part of the process, but I still squirm.

  4. I never took a birthing class...and I'm kinda glad :-p You can totally do it though. I feel like you mostly only hear horror stories about birth, or from very holistic "I had a 15 lb child without so much as a grimace because I am the ultimate female and my body was MADE for this"...very rarely do you (or more accurately, do *I*) hear the "It was fine" stories. But mine was truly...fine. Tiring but a good experience I would easily do again.


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