Jan 3, 2017

Happiness Project Month 5: Mindset

Whew!  December was... well pretty representative of the rest of the year, actually.  Ups and downs.  Had a fantastic holiday with my sisters and mom, but I'll admit I'm glad for a break from the chaos and...

Month 4 Update: Get Shit Done

Success!!!  About half of this was completed after Christmas rather than before, but it's done and I'm glad.  Out of my brain.

To Do

  1. House - Got this done right off the bat!
  2. Sort Photos - Damn close! I admit, I cheated and skipped a couple of my ginormous trip folders (500+ photos of the Grand Canyon? What was I thinking???) but I got through everything else and was able to pick out photos for scrapbooking.
  3. Get Photos Printed - By the skin of my teeth - sent this off to be printed at 8pm on the 30th.
  4. Baby Book and Scrapbook - Baby book is caught up minus the couple of pictures that should arrive this week.  The scrapbook is also awaiting photos, but I have secured Ryan's promise to help me, which should make it go a lot faster and I decided how I want to do it (print predesigned "title pages" with the year and a highlight picture and then tape photos in for the rest).  I think I want to make this an annual chore, because if I do it more often than that, I'll go overboard.  The end of the year is the best time to pick through all the highlights.
  5. Finish Digital Marketing Book - Check! Thanks goodness because it was long.
  6. Make Specific Business Goals - Check! Been utilizing my planning app and also the business group on Facebook that has a planning post every Monday.
  7. Business "Packages" - Check!!! I'm really excited about this because it makes so much sense. The majority of my new clients need a logo. In addition to that they'll want either a website or print stuff (business cards, etc). So I made 3 branding packages for them based on digital services, physical business, or someone who wants to seek out clients both ways.

In Conclusion

It does feel better, just like I thought.  Of course, messy closet just replaced itself with "messy baby room" BUT we're having the house deep-cleaned in just a few days and a baby party on the 7th, so that'll be good pressure to get everything presentable and put away.

Month 5 aka Final Month: Mindset

I am soooo ready to relax and try to just be calm for a bit.  I talked about this a little bit with my focus word for 2017 (grounded) so I'm glad my last happiness project month ties in with that so well.  So this month is all about calming down, and finishing up whatever prep we need to do for R-day.


  1. I am calm - I am able to handle conflict and chaos without losing my temper.
  2. I am flexible - I do not need to be in control of every situation and can adapt when needed.
  3. I am prepared - I do not need to know everything ahead of time - the research I've done is and will be enough until experience helps fill in the gaps.


  1. Read parenting books (finally finish What to Expect!!!)
  2. Meditate 3x a week
  3. Give myself permission to slow down and enjoy any and all downtime that comes our way!

To Do

  1. Finish online childbirth class
  2. Discuss family values with Ryan
  3. Tell my clients I'm taking February off for baby stuff (I'm agonizing over this, but several people have told me I'll be much happier if I just take the month instead of trying to get back to work in 2 weeks or so)

And that's it!  Honestly, even just writing this feels a lot like taking a deep breath, so I see this month going a lot more smoothly than the last couple.

Do you have any mindset goals or things you'd like to get prepared for?  Is the new year looking more or less busy for you?

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  1. Definitely take Feb. off :) You'll want all that time to soak up time with baby and sneak as many naps as you can and adjust to the change! December was a strong month for you, goal-wise! Way to go!

  2. I one million percent agree that you need to take at least one month off for Baby. Trust me!!!!! Sounds like you did great for December!

  3. Definitely take the time off to spend with your baby. You won't regret it. And I like that you have being flexible as a mantra. Because with a newborn, that's exactly what you're going to need.

    (If you have any questions or anything, please do not hesitate to ask. My daughter hasn't been a baby for quite awhile but I can try to help!)


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