Jan 1, 2017

Predictions from the Old Year and a Focus for 2017

First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

And onto business... I made quite a few predictions last year and now it's finally time to see what came true!

Las year I said that by now I will have...

1. Optimized the crap out of our new home

True!  From gorgeous walk in closets, to purchasing just the right amount of furniture and no extra, and seriously reassessing bathroom and basement storage, I'm quite pleased with how the house is looking.

2. But lost a few of the "let's buy new things!" battles with Ryan and/or Roommate.

Uhhhh, actually I think I'm the one who went overboard.  But I recovered from my mistakes and was good about getting rid of stuff that didn't end up working as well as my vision.

3. Been posting way too many pictures of my new baby or puppy.

Check and check!  We got Toast back in February, Reptar is on the way in 1 short month, and I'm sure everyone has heard about as much as they'd care to on either of those topics.  :P

4. Been the proud owner of a business that actually supports me!

I knew this was optimistic when I wrote it.  I DID have income every month, though some were better than others.  I think it ranged from $200 to $1,400, with an average somewhere around $600/month.  For a first year of freelancing, I'm not too upset about it.  We'll see what 2017 holds.

5. Gotten bored with my hair and try out a perm, despite everyone's frantic attempts to stop me.

Newp.  I might have tried to do this, but after getting pregnant it wasn't going to happen.  My mom has told us a few times how her hair used to be sleek and straight until she had kids, so I just wanted to see if anything naturally happened without messing with it.  Plus... extra chemicals and such.  Not necessary.

6. Mastered DIY hygiene products.

Bahahahaha!  Just no.  I tried out a few things and discovered that other than coconut oil for my legs and for swishing, I really don't like DIY hygiene.  Jojoba oil is just too heavy for hair, and the face moisturizer made me break out.

7. Been brainstorming the next international adventure with my sisters.

Nope, although we did kind of spur-of-the-moment decide to go see the eclipse in Grand Teton's National Park next summer.  Mostly because Sister3 saw the opportunity and secured us a B&B, which takes care of about half the planning that usually goes into a trip.

2/7  Did I mention I'm really bad at this?

And for 2017...

I tried to make predictions and you know what?  I don't care.  I've lost interest.  I suppose that's ok.  A new year, a new outlook.

Last year I ended up picking a focus word several months into the year.  It was healing.  While this year has been a pretty bumpy one (and I realize I'm hardly the only one to feel this way), I think it's also been a good one for myself and Ryan.  We've learned to get through some of the more serious issues that come up in a relationship, tested the "for better or worse" clause in our marriage vows and maybe a little of the "in sickness and in health" one, too.  We've grown, as people and as a couple, and (I sincerely hope) are getting our shit straight in time for this baby to arrive.

So I guess what I hope for more than anything else in 2017 is to feel settled.  I know we can weather storms and that bad times are an inevitability, but I want to get better at remembering that in the middle of the chaos and I want to be better at reminding myself that the bad times don't last forever.  I also want to settle into more of a routine, without letting every little negative thing throw us off.  So here it is.  The word for 2017...


I want us to be grounded, as a couple, as a family, and as individuals.  I want to keep pursuing my business and personal interests, but I think those things can only flourish if they're built on a strong foundation.  We're putting down roots, but I think the work we put into strengthening them will end up being the most important thing we do in the next year.

I do have some things I'd like to try to do in the next year, but "resolutions" is a little strong.  Things I sort of want to do at this particular moment?  Too weak?  Whatever, here's my current image of the ideal 2017.
  1. Build up my business - find 3 new clients from networking and develop strategies to generate more consistent income
  2. Get back to 5k-ing!  I don't want to set any lofty fitness goals, but I do want to get back into jogging and I definitely want to be a stroller mom.
  3. Be a little kinder.  To myself, to Ryan, to everyone really.  Make more time for people and tell my family how important they are to me.  It's not really something someone can hear too much of and sometimes we forget how easily we can lose the people we care about.
  4. Cook more.  Meal planning, my old nemesis.  I'm coming after you again.
  5. Spend less.  Self explanatory.

Making predictions for the new year or resolutions or neither?  Do you do focus words?

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  1. I like your be a little kinder goal. Not necessarily that you need to, but as something I should work on, too! I'm also trying to get my act together with meal planning this year :) I love that you called yourself a (hopeful) stroller mom! Haha!

  2. Grounded is a good word, that sounds perfect for your year ahead. Cook more and spend less are on my list for this year too, I've definitely been cooking more lately so hopefully I'll continue that into this year.
    I actually really like DIY products though, I'm having really good luck with them! I plan on trying more this year.

  3. i love what you said about strengthening the roots. i think that is so important, and something i really want to focus on as well. KC and I have grown so much since we got together, and i always wanted like a strong foundation/strong roots before we started a family, and i think we've done that (well, i guess we'll see).
    #3. yes. its something i need to work on, especially talking to my family more and telling them how much they mean to me.


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