Jan 5, 2017

They See Me Readin'

They hatin.'  (Tryin to catch me reading dirty...)

Stole this idea from Erin, who stole it from Emma!  Because who doesn't love pie charts?  (Pie charts made at meta-chart.com, if anyone else wants to play.)

How I Roll/Read/Do Book Stuff

I have read 100 books this year!!!  Which is 22 more than last year and double my goal (I shouldn't even bother to set goals, because I clearly have no idea what I'm going to do each year).  It's kind of fun to watch the numbers skyrocket ever since I started reading new books again and tracking it in Goodreads.

While the number of books increased, my page count increased even more, which means I read a few clunkers this year (cough Patrick Rothfuss).


This surprised me.  Here I was, patting myself on the back for reading sci-fi and I have read precisely one science fiction book this year.  I actually did this earlier this year before deciding to save the post for the end of the year so I'm not shocked anymore that YA is the leading category.  I have tried to buff up the other categories since then, which is the only reason that self help and nonfiction together are about equal to YA AND my nonfiction reads weren't entirely celebrity memoirs.  Whatever - you like what you like.


Kind of like Erin said, I feel bad giving books 2 or 1 star ratings, and I rarely do it.  I even went back to some of my old ratings and deleted them, because it wasn't fair to rate a book on how much I hated it in high school or as a kid.  (After all, Dune was a 2 star book when I was 12, but it's 4 stars now.)

5 Most Read Authors of 2016

I posted about my all-time most read authors before, but it was interesting to see how my habits have shifted over time.  Definitely more YA now, but also a lot more female authors and more kickass female protagonists.  So I'm not totally ashamed of that.

Bests and Mosts

I wish I had done this at the end of 2015, because I had some great reads last year (and maybe a little less fluff).  This year I burned out in the self help arena a couple times and had some trouble getting myself going on serious material again after overindulging with silly fantasy/fairy tale retellings.  Oh well.  I don't think your brain can rot from too much YA, can it?

What did your reading habits look like this year?  Do you try to branch out into different genres or are you happy sticking to your favorite?

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  1. I looooooove looking at graphs! Especially when they pertain to books :) When I was a kid my favorite book was Kidbits because it had so many statistics and graphs. Haha!

    I will have to explore GoodReads a little more; I didn't know it'd give you information like that! Also, I got The Happiness Project for Xmas and I'm so excited to start it! Good for you with all the self-help and nonfiction- I'm terrible in those categories!

  2. I did not calculate how books I read last year because ... lazy. Since I also don't set goals around how many books I read, it probably doesn't matter. But you girl - you rock! 100 books is amazing! I like seeing them broke down too. Sometimes sci-fi and fantasy overlap in my mind. I really liked Percy Jackson as well. I have to double-check my TBR to make sure the Night Angel series is on it because it sounds completely up my alley. I tried reading Soulless over my holiday break but I typically don't read a book in short, 10-15 page increments so it didn't keep my attention, even though I could tell it was a good book. I returned it to the library unfinished but will get back to later because Alexia is fun and deserves my FULL attention!

    1. I actually wrote this post back in August when Erin posted hers and then I thought it would make more sense as an annual summary. It was hard to wait that long to do my tallies! I don't really care that much about my books goal - Goodreads just makes it really easy to set and I've always liked the feeling of progress that comes from checking things off a list or watching a progress bar move along.

      Alexia is fun! I hope you find the right time for her. :D And Night Angel.

  3. I love posts like this - I should have added some graphs to mine but I couldn't find the time and wanted to get it up before the end of January of the NEXT year. haha. I haven't read any Percy Jackson yet but I would like to! I also want to finish Cassandra Clare sometime as I'm sure I've already mentioned to you. Nothing wrong with YA! I haven't really turned to it lately for some reason but I have absolutely sought out adult-level fluff :)

  4. I love seeing bookish stats-- it's definitely fun to watch your books increase (or pages)! 2016 was the year of the 3 star book for me & I actually had quite a bit of 2 stars! I'm really interested to go back and look at my genres though- I think I would be surprised.

  5. Yay for 100 books! The Happiness Project and The Nightingale were on my best list this year. Loved them both!

  6. Congrats on surpassing your goal! That's awesome. I haven't been looking at my genres per se, but it's been surprising that tracking my reading has actually made it more interesting in a way. I may steal...if I have time haha.

  7. omg the heading and the first line, i am laughing so hard.
    you go girl doubling your goal! i read double my original goal, but the idiot i am, decided to actually double it halfway through the year and then i had to scramble to meet it because life happened in the last few months and i fell behind. i never know what i'm gonna do each year either, and i don't know why i set goals. i stress myself out.
    so glad you loved The Nightingale. i don't know why the night angel series isn't on my list. rude. adding it now. i've been meaning to get back into the percy jackson series.
    Alexia Tarabotti <3 love her. it's been a couple months since i read that series so i'm gonna try her next series soon. hope it's just as good.


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