Mar 9, 2017

Harry Potter Themed Time Wasters

I was reminiscing about some of my favorite Harry Potter memes and Internet things (for lack of a better word) and I thought, "Everybody loves Harry Potter!"  So here's my collection.

Harry Potter Puppet Pals

Hermoine/Katniss Rap Battle

This Ridiculous Reddit Thread

A Buzzfeed List of Memes

And, of course, Pottermore!  This is the holy grail of time wasters, but if you just want a little bit of a distraction, at least go get sorted.

Naturally I googled "Harry Potter memes" after starting this post and then after an hour down that rabbit hole, I decided this list was long enough.  Enjoy!

What are your favorite Harry Potter themed time wasters?  Or do you have another fandom you prefer?

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  1. Ah so fun! I just came across my blog post from a couple of years ago when I finished the series and it made me want to reread it again.

  2. I don't remember where I found it but a few years ago I came across this soundboard mixer thing that is supposed to remind you of the Gryffindor common room for background noise:
    You can adjust the levels of different elements of the sound or whatever, and they have a ton of different themes (I spy GoT and Dr. Who and a bunch of others). Not quite a time waster but HP-themed so I thought it appropriate to share here. Although I guess you could waste a ton of time playing with the sound elements!

  3. Hilarious! My friend was actually touring as one of the puppet pals for awhile, we went to see him when he was here. I could not stop laughing.

  4. Now I've got Snape, Snape, Severus Snape stuck in my head! I am a diehard HP fan but I have never spent any time on Pottermore because I would be on there days and days and years.

  5. The puppets are the best!!! My friend & I sing that all the time :)

  6. Haha I LOVE this post as a HP fan. I can get pretty hooked on Pottermore so I try not to let myself too much. The puppets are hilarious!!! I'm going to google that same thing and find some additional gems because I'm in the mood for a HP pick me up today!!! I've seen a lot of reminiscing about the movies in the media lately because of Emma Watson :)

  7. I freakin' love the Potter Puppet Pals but I've never seen the rap battle, lol.
    Pottermore is sooooo dangerous. I slip right down that rabbit hole and don't come out for days :)

  8. SO when I first took the sorting hat quiz (back when you posted about it in 2015) I got Gryffindor. Now I got Ravenclaw. I think i liked my first house better! I guess my fandom of choice would be Star Wars, but if I'm actively searching for time wasters I usually try to find personality quizzes or search funny memes on Pinterest.

  9. I always like the quizzes that tell you what house you belong to!


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