Mar 30, 2017

My Love Affair with Spotify

After months of flirting, Spotify finally stole my heart from Pandora and we moved in together. Pandora isn't even allowed space on my phone anymore, though I did use my "station seeds" to figure out all the music that I liked since my knowledge of musicians was minimal.

That actually ended up being a huge bonus to switching, because now instead of "dub electronica" I can tell you that my focus music station is mostly Lindsey Stirling and Alex Clare. I also figured out how to use Spotify's search and started checking out their "similar music" suggestions at the bottom of my playlist and it is glorious.

I'm super proud of my music stations. They are...

Kid Music!

All the best of my favorite Disney movies. I was a little snobby when I started and only allowed Pocahontas, Mulan and a couple choice others in, but gradually I've been adding goofy fun songs, too, so now there's all the villain songs from Ursula to Gaston to voodoo guy from Princess and the Frog. I actually think the villain songs are my favorite right now, though Prince of Egypt is still the most beautiful soundtrack.

Blood Pressure Reduction

This started because of one amazing song I thumbsed-up on Pandora that took the dwarf song from The Hobbit (omg) and made it into a full length song with Native American drums (le sigh). I tracked down that song, discovered that the artist, David Arkenstone (OMG OMG OMG!) has a bajillion albums, they're all mood-themed (Native Dreams, Fairy Garden, etc), AND did some of the music for World of WarCraft. New favorite artist right here. I've since added some Enya and a yoga album based on Native American flute music, but it's still basically David Arkenstone radio because he's amazing.

Epic Instrumentals

Lord of the Rings soundtrack, some video game music (Skyrim and Elder Scrolls) and Escala. You know, for when I need to feel like my life is more exciting than just sitting at a computer moving a mouse around.

Nobody Gets Me

All my favorite angsty music from high school and college. I started with 3 Days Grace because they're the epitome of that mindset with "I Hate Everything About You" and pretty much every song on the album Life Starts Now. I've also got Green Day, Sick Puppies, Shinedown, and Papa Roach. Come to think, I also really need to add Five Finger Deathpunch, who has a permanent place in my heart because of these lyrics, "We're all just chalk lines on the pavement." Yeah, man, I feel you. Life is pain.

Musicals and Melancholy

This used to have various sad-sounding love ballads, but those got kicked off and now it's just musicals, but nothing peppy or happy. We're talking Les Miserables, Fiddler on the Roof, Sweeney Todd, and Phantom of the Opera.

Traditional Christmas and Alternative Christmas

Traditional Christmas is all based on the music my mom played for our childhood Christmases, which means smooth rich voices singing classic songs. Nat King Cole, Bing Crosby, Andy Williams. Confession: Josh Groban is on there too, but no country music stars!!! Contemporary artists only get on if they sing the original song exactly, no modern embellishments. Alternative Christmas is everything that's musically similar to Carol of the Bells (love how creepy it is!), plus some Christmas rock/metal, and the Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

My Sister Has Better Taste in Music Than Me

Uhhh... I couldn't tell you what the theme is for this one, but I stole almost all of it from Sister3 and then just added a few James Bond songs. It's got Sia and it's also got Nancy Sinatra. Just lots of eclectic, beautiful things outside of my usual. I tried tracking down some of the artists and with the exception of Sia (who is amazing), I really only liked one or two songs by them, so I didn't add more.

And, of course, there's Focus Music but I already told you about that and it still needs work before it's as fully fleshed out as it was on my Pandora account.

Now that I've finally converted, I can't imagine ever going back to Pandora or buying music. I'm even paying for Spotify premium to get rid of ads, which is totally worth it because I have so much control over my music now. No annoying acapella guy trying to sneak into my instrumentals station, and no Santa Baby in my Christmas music (shudder - I cannot tell you how much I hate that song. I'd rather listen to Dominick the Donkey on repeat for 5 hours than just one rendition of Santa Baby).

What do you use to listen to music? Any suggestions for my stations?

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  1. Haha Nobody Gets Me sounds like some of one of my playlists. I have been using Spotify for years and I will gladly continue to pay to keep my playlists that I have crafted to perfection. Zoe has one called Zoe's Jams where I am adding songs I notice that she takes a liking to.

  2. I keep saying I'm going to try spotify and feel like I'm in the stone age still using Panodra, haha.

  3. I've been using spotify for years and haven't touched pandora in just as long. i pay for premium too, because i love to take music running and in the car/on the subway, etc. and it would eat up all my data if i couldn't download/sync playlists in offline mode which you can only do with the paid version. 100% worth it. shared playlists are awesome too for parties and stuff! my playlists all have kind of no rhyme or reason obvious to anyone who isn't in my head, but i love the mix of custom playlists, radio, and spotify's own playlists that always fit the mood i'm in. i've discovered SO much awesome music there, and it's always been fun to build my yoga playlists there because people often ask about the songs i use so i've just made all my yoga playlists public.

  4. YOU HAD ME AT FIVE FINGER DEATH PUCNCH!!!! Jenn! You've been holding out on me!!! I fucking LOVE them. I've been on Spotify for several years and said Bye Felicia to Pandora long before that. It would always play crap. I follow Alyssa and stole her yoga playlists :) She put awesome stuff together for classes so I knew they'd be good.

  5. I love this!! Sounds like some great music. I use Google Play music on my phone, and we have a family account for it so my husband and I can share music and also have our own playlists/albums downloaded. I love it!! Totally worth it. I love that it syncs on my phone/tablet/and I can also listen via my web browser at work.
    I'm going to check out David Arkenstone! I absolutely love that kind of music. One of my playlists is a bunch of music that I played in high school/university wind ensembles :)

  6. oh my gosh, 3 days grace hahaha.
    David Arkenstone sounds amazing.
    i love spotify. it was on my computer when i started my new job and so i signed up and 3 years later it's on my phone and i pay for premium too. i only have 2 playlists though, 'fun' and 'p&p'. super exciting stuff. fun has all sorts of weird stuff on it, from disney to angsty to boy bands to cher. whatever works haha. it's my friday playlist. currently playing: meatloaf. ha.

  7. I love Lindsey Stirling :)
    I have a Disney station- villain songs are the best. You have Be Prepared (Scar) from The Lion King, right?? You need that one ;)
    I LOVE listening to music scores on Spotify. Harry Potter is my favorite.
    I've just started checking out the "Your Daily Mix" that they put together for you. It's a nice combination of songs that give a little variety but focus on the kind of music you like!

  8. I have the free version and barely ever use Pandora anymore! Not sure the paid version is worth it but this is convincing me...if only I could get hubby to drink the Spotify Kool-Aid.

    1. Also, love that you have so many instrumentals. Thought I was the only one.

  9. I have been really dancing around trying Spotify lately. It keeps popping up everywhere I go on the interwebs. Maybe it's time? Also I am going to check out some of your suggestions to who you are listening too. I needed new music options as I seem to be in a music rut.

  10. I'm still deciding exactly which music playing option to go with, since I'm willing to pay for one. There's just so many! You've pushed me towards Spotify over Pandora, definitely. But YouTube Red is still in the mix because I can make all my playlists totally myself, which I like. So many choices!

  11. I'm pretty sure I'm already following some of your playlists on Spotify, especially since I remember adding a few from your sister's playlist lol. I don't have too many soundtracks, but your "Nobody Gets Me" has a lot of the same artists as my "Rock Out" playlist lol. LOVE Lindsey Stirling and the suggestions too! I started using Premium when they offered 3 months for $1 back in December and haven't looked back.


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