Mar 2, 2017

Quarterly Goals - Spring!

Disclaimer: I knew I would struggle with goals once Little Dude made his appearance (he doesn't feel like a Reptar anymore and I almost never call him by his real name so... hopefully I'm not confusing you too much) and I did.  As in, nothing happened in February whatsoever.  I'm ok with that.  I'm also recovering from the shock of, "Holy crap I have a baby!" and I'm ready to start setting goals and living my adult life again.

Winter Seasonal Goals (December, January, February)

1. Broaden My Cultural Horizons

December: Read The Girl with Seven Names, January: Hidden Figures (this is more historical but it's such a good story and we could all stand to know more about our country's not-so-distant history) and 1001 Nights in Iraq, February: Ehm...

2. Attend 1 Networking Event Per Month

December: Polka Dot Powerhouse, January: I was registered but then they moved the event to 2 days before the induction so... :'( BUT I did TA an HTML class for Girl Develop It and someone actually asked me for a business card, February: Blergh

3. Try Something New Each Month

December: Parenting classes (this is a little lame, BUT it was definitely new and quite interesting. Picture of our fake baby below), January: Had a baby! and TAed a class, February: Bloop

Our "baby" for the newborn class.  We learned how to diaper, bathe, and swaddle!

4. Have a Baby; Don't Freak Out

Well, I would love to say that we handled this all smoothly and no freak outs occurred, but... let's just say I'm glad delivery and the first 2 weeks are over and we're feeling much more comfortable with things like, "OMG he's so tiny and fragile and how can I even pick him up without breaking him???"  Lol!  It is definitely getting easier, as evidenced by the fact that I had to time to write this post.

2.5/4 - In case you're wondering about the math here: 2/3 * 3 (for the first 3 goals) = 2 + .5 (for number 4).


Spring Goals (March, April, May)

  1. Business Collaboration Project (Just got wind of this today, so hopefully it goes somewhere! But if not find something else to work on.)
  2. Have 1 Baby-less Outing Per Week (Can be super lame dog park or running errands, BUT go be an adult and not just a mom.)
  3. One Social Event Per Month (Baby permitted because he's adorable and e'erbody wants a piece of that!)
  4. Write Some Non-Baby Blog Posts (Back on the theme of being my own person and having thoughts outside of my new role in life.)
  5. Sign Up for a 5K (Ran my first post-delivery mile the other day and it felt so good!  P.S. Don't tell my gyno - I haven't technically been cleared to work out yet.)
And that's it!  I was considering making more, but I think that covers the areas I really want to focus on: health, business, and trying to avoid tunnel-vision.

Do you make seasonal goals?  What are you planning for this spring?

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  1. Okay so are we calling him Little Dude then? Just want to get on the right page! ;) And I don't think anyone can blame you for not doing much more than function in February. I LOL at goal #4 though.

    I love your goals for spring. I think #2 is so important! Of course, I don't have a baby so I'm at a disadvantage to offer input, but still. Good luck with them all!

  2. oh my gosh, the fake baby totally freaked me out lol. i think you did pretty good for goals considering the whole you having a baby thing. lol @ e'erbody wants a piece of that. yes they do!
    yay running! eh. i'm no doctor or parent but my friend said she could FEEL when she shouldn't workout, and when she didn't feel that anymore (like shit was gonna fall out.. tmi?) she started walking/running. also before the doctor said she could. she's fine. lol.

  3. You already ran a mile??? What??? Girl you are insane. I am just putting off working out as much as possible because I lost my mojo and am totally jealous. I think you did really good on your goals because goals go out the window those first few weeks with baby. Best wishes with your spring goals!!

  4. You did awesome considering you were in your last trimester prepping for your little dude. I think your Spring goals are spot on. Slowly get back to being you while also being a mom. You're gonna rock it!

  5. You did awesome considering you were in your last trimester prepping for your little dude. I think your Spring goals are spot on. Slowly get back to being you while also being a mom. You're gonna rock it!

  6. I was really confused at the start of this post bc of the names lol. I was like, "Wait who? But,... oohhhh." I am curious to know what you call him IRL if not his name though!

    No joke, that doll totally looks like my friend's baby! That's kinda freaky!

    Only you would totally break down the math for your goal accomplishments for us :P

    What's #1? I think it's really healthy and awesome that you're striving to keep being a person with goals minus the mom label. I mean, I've never been there, but I like it! Good luck on all of your goals, and can't wait to meet Little Dude!!

  7. I'm all aboard with Little Dude! I don't even remember what my goals were. Did I even set quarterly goals? I swear, it's like I hit publish and then it's all out of my head forever. I don't think I set them... I love that spring goal #2 though. It's important and I think the fact you're even aware of it makes it an automatic win for you.

  8. Whew, don't over do it, mama! You're doing just fine :)
    I'd say if baby successfully arrived and you are doing great then #4 was achieved without a problem! How are the dogs liking their new little brother?

  9. You're totally right - your friends will totally love having the baby around :) I think these goals are great, and very attainable in a lot of ways! Glad you are feeling up to working out again! With my second baby I knew when I was ready and I wasn't cleared yet, but with my first my recovery was a bit more intense so I even waited until after I was cleared. You'll know! Your body can tell you! And you can always scale back too if it's not feeling right!! :)

  10. I like Little Dude, it's very you! :D And girl, my whole February goal would have just been to survive as a Mom! And you did! And #2 of your Spring goals is so important. Motherhood is obviously and understandably a priority but so are you and just you. I also feel real guilty because I've been sort of a lazy butt lately and here you are already running!

    1. When I first got pregnant I was planning on nicknaming the baby "Little Dude" but it didn't fit, so it's kind of ironic that it feels right now! I really need to run and exercise in general. My blood pressure never did recover all that much and it probably won't until I get in better shape.

  11. Congrats on that mile!

    Also, I love the "one social event per month". It's HARD when you're not naturally a social butterfly (i.e. me).

  12. I think you've done awesome with your goals-- the whole having a baby and adjusting is pretty huge on its own I'm sure :) I love your goals for the spring-- I can't remember if I mentioned this to you already, but I've loved reading your posts on being a mom because you're always so real/honest.


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