Apr 11, 2017

Clever Title (SUYB)

Well, if that's not a lackluster start to this post, I don't know what it is.  Here's the books.

♥♥♥♥♥ - Loved!

Throne of Glass Series books 2-4 by Sarah J. Maas (ebook)

I read the first book a while ago, gave it 4 stars but ultimately decided not to finish because the clich├ęs were buggin' me.  I'm so glad I revisited because OMG this went in a completely different direction by the end of book 2.  The characters grew up and fleshed out, the author introduced more characters to cycle through and give you a broader picture of the world, and the world building was awesome!  Here's my summary of the books as a set so far (WARNING: SORT OF SPOILER-Y):
  1. Hey, look at me, I'm pretty and fight good and boys like me.
  2. Whoa, let's blow your mind with all these riddles and revelations!
  3. Training montage (also some psychological fuckery)
  4. Building up for the big battle (but also wow, I'm like a real grown-up fantasy story now.  One that Jenn would recommend to her guy friends and not just to women who like YA dystopia)

♥♥♥♥ - Liked

The Gender Game by Bella Forrest (ebook)

I got this for free somehow.  (Prime library? I'm not sure.  I was trying to renew Kindle Unlimited and instead it gave it to me for free and I'm not going to look a gift horse in the mouth.)  I fully expected it to be a cheesy version of The Hunger Games but it really wasn't.  It has the traditional YA dystopian elements (teenage girl, doesn't fit into a society divided by factions) BUT the fact that it's men vs women is kind of hilarious and the story surprised me more than a few times.  I think I enjoyed the story both for itself and for laughing at the tropes (love triangles ahoy!) so take that into account if you decide to read it.

♥♥♥ - Ambivalent-ed

The Hidden Oracle by Rick Riordan (ebook)

This crushed my Riordan streak.  This series takes place after the Percy Jackson series, but there was another one in between them that I missed and it referenced events that had happened then and messed me up.  Also the main character felt like yet another iteration of the same person (Percy and Magnus felt pretty similar) and I finally got tired of it.  And the final blah factor was that after reading Magnus Chase and enjoying the more fleshed-out side characters, I couldn't go back to the Percy Jackson style where they feel more like props than actual contributors to the story.

♥♥ - Mildly Disliked


 - Did Not Finish or Wanted to Burn in a Fire

Nothing notable.

#5 in the Throne of Glass series, and trying to get back into reading at least one business book per month.  Right now it's The Accidental Creative.

What have you been reading?  Have you read anything from my list and what did you think?

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  1. I think I might have The Gender Game on my ipad somehow? It sounds familiar...lol. If that is the case, I am glad you liked it.

  2. I had The Gender Game from Netgalley, maybe that was where you got it? Anyway, I liked it too and there are a few more in that series already. I'm sorry for commenting but don't worry about writing me back anytime soon!! ;)
    PS - I hope to read Sarah J Maas' books someday and really appreciated your review (skipped the spoilery part ;))

  3. I like the Throne of Glass series but wasn't crazy about it. But I did enjoy it. I think I've only read three of them - I'd have to read the plot and see. The Gender Game sounds entertaining!

  4. Should I have read this and not commented? Lol. All I'll say is the Throne of Glass series is on my TBR list, so you just pushed them up in priority by a notch or two. Lol

  5. I have no plans to read any of these but your summary of Throne of Glass made me legit LOL.

    You can link up with us any time you want. No commenting necessary :)

  6. It's always so nice when you don't come across any one or two star books. I haven't read Throne of Glass, but loved your description of the books, haha.

  7. yayyyyy i am so so so glad you ended up continuing and enjoying the throne of glass series. i have never read a series before where the first book was so completely and utterly different compared to the rest of the series, and it went in a way i didn't even imagine. in a good way.
    I was going to add The Gender Game to my list, but it's apparently already there. so yay! haha. my library doesn't have it. boo.


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