May 16, 2017

Some Sneaky Baby Pictures

As you know, we're mostly not sharing pictures online.  But...

Since these ones made it onto the somewhat public Facetube, and my blog is no longer promoted on any social media channels, I feel less bad about sharing them here.

This was our first 5K with Orion!  We had an iffy couple minutes at the beginning when he decided he wasn't happy but the running lulled him back to sleep and all was well.  Ryan kicked ass and ran the whole way pushing the stroller.  (Which doesn't seem like that big a deal, but I can go barely 1/10th of a mile with that thing.  It suuuucks.)

And, obviously, this was for Mother's Day.  Look at my little cutie patootie!!!

I got all excited and said to Ryan, "You had to use fonts to make this!"  His response?  "You're giving me too much credit."

Alas, Internet photo theft.  Still cute, though.

Side note: Ryan then told me he has NO METHOD FOR ACCESSING FONTS on his computer.  Whaaat?  How can anyone live that way???

In other baby news, Orion is huge now.  It's inconceivable to me that he was inside my body at one point.  He chews on everything and is getting pretty good at grabbing (and hair-pulling!).  He laughs, which is adorable, especially at Ryan doing heavy metal imitations (whatever works for you, kid) and me doing crunches while he's sitting on my stomach.

He drools so much!  It's ridiculous.  Lifting him over your head is pretty much asking for some slobber on your face.  We have burp cloths and receiving blankets everywhere because it's not even worth the effort of putting them away anymore.

Orion is getting close to rolling over.  People keep telling me I shouldn't be excited for this, but I am.  Ryan and I are like his cheer squad, "C'mon baby, you can do it!  Just let the weight of your giant head pull you over sideways!!!"

I am also gleefully awaiting the day the pediatrician oks "people food."  We've given him tiny tastes of things already (apparently the advice used to be to start babies at 7 weeks - crazy!  Now it's 4-6 months) and I laugh every time at the scrunched up face he makes.  So far he doesn't seem to be a fan of anything edible, just burp cloths and his own hands.

I could go on but I'll cut myself off here.  The short summary: he's cute, he drools, and he's changing so fast it's hard to keep up.

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  1. So fun to run your first family 5k together-- he is so cute!

  2. He is SO cute!! I love the sneaky pictures :) And way to go with the 5k! I can't run one without a stroller, let alone with one... ha.

  3. I'm zero percent a baby person, I greatly dislike them and I have no problem saying that one isn't cute - I mean, they look like alien potatoes. So you know I mean it when I say that yours is probably one of the nicest to look at that I've seen.

  4. OMG you take a video of that baby laughing and you send it to me right now!

  5. Yay for his first 5k!! I cant even begin to imagine running with a stroller. And when did these babies get so big??? I about die having to carry Zoe in her car seat up and down stairs these days. It is the coolest thing to watch them learn to roll over!! Zoe has been doing it for about 2 1/2 months now and every time she does it she gets a huge, proud smile on her face. Come on O!!! You can do it!

  6. As a blogger, your husband's lack of font access is supremely dissapointing. But I'm not sure mine would have stolen the picture, so...

    BE EXCITED about whatever you want. I cannot WAIT for my kid to walk (so of course she is taking longer than most to do it). Everyone is both surprised she's delayed (which she isn't, actually) and at the same time talking about how terrible it is. But I'm just like "Independence! Maybe you will find something interesting besides me!" Haha.

    It's SO much easier when you get to "normal food" stage- I mean, I have to share everything which is frustrating but I'm not carting around a million things to feed her. Just a water cup & nutra grain bar or something. So much easier.

  7. I totally understand (and fully support) your choice to not post pictures on open social media but I must say that I thrilled to see new pics of the little guy! He is so handsome and I love that Mother's Day picture so much. That smile. And what do you mean Ryan has no access to fonts? How does he live??????

    1. Right?! I was blown away by this. Font life is the best life.

  8. fghzghzdgfjhbdzfjh! i am unnaturally excited. yay! what kind of stroller do you guys have for running? you mentioned it was hard to run with so i am just curious because i research these things far too much for someone not with child lol and i'm just nosy. he is totally adorable though. thank you for sharing :)

  9. I love the pictures!!! What a little cutie. The mother's day picture is awesome!! Oh, the real food stage is so fun - I can't wait to hear how that goes!! :)

  10. YAYYYYYY BABY PICS! Look at that smile! So cute! Love that you guys all ran together. And why wouldn't you be excited for him to roll over?! It's a big deal! Though I don't understand the font thing?

  11. Oh my goodness! It's has been a WHILE since I've been to your blog clearly because you had a baby! That is so exciting and I'm glad you and he are doing so well! It's fun when they start rolling over, crawling, walking, etc. It's so annoying that people try to tell you not to be excited. That's just dumb. Of course it's exciting!

  12. He's adorable! Ahhh baby fever! That's awesome you guys did a 5K with him!

  13. He's adorable! Ahhh baby fever! That's awesome you guys did a 5K with him!


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