May 25, 2017

Some Thoughts - Blogging, Social Media, Writing

I'm just gonna ramble today.

I Deleted My Blog-Related Social Media

The Facebook page was starting to worry me.  For a couple reasons - the first being a crazy ex who was contacting me last year and while she (long story) only found my business page and not this one, I still hate the idea of all this personal information being so easily accessed.

The other is that I've had an influx of business connections who use their personal Facebook pages for connecting, so my FB isn't completely private anymore.  Especially with some of my ranting about MLMs and that one unpleasant meeting, I don't really want them wandering over here and thinking, "Huh, this Jenn person is actually kind of an asshole.  Maybe I'll find a more professional website designer to work with."

I had a couple people ask me why I was deleting it and, honestly, I was surprised, as I always am when I find out people actually read my blog.  I gave them directions and, hey guys!  Hopefully you're here and you can see this.  But I suspect the jump from Facebook page to RSS subscriptions will prove too onerous.

I considered making a private group for it, so people could still see new posts but I could control who had access to it.  But, especially after making the private baby group, it just felt like too much, even though logically I wouldn't have to do anything to it or maintain it.  And I think that "blah this is too much effort" feeling is part of the reason I deleted my Twitter and removed my personal Instagram from my phone.  I actively do not want to promote the blog and the tiny bits of time I do spend browsing those channels is time I should probably put to use somewhere more productive.

So my social media has gone primarily business-y, with the exception of this one blog because it would make me sad to not write here anymore.  Although I did remove the about, optimization, and self actualization pages, to give myself that tiny bit of extra anonymity.  I couldn't bring myself to delete them, though, so it's entirely possible that they'll be back at some point.

Enjoying Business Topics

On the plus side, the amount of time I've devoted to my business social media and RSS feeds has finally, FINALLY managed to pique my interest in various business-related topics that I was struggling with.  What I mean to say is, I've been trying to write business blog posts and come up with things to say on my Jenn Wells Design social media accounts and it's been a struggle.  Because I wasn't interested in it.  But now I am and it feels good and I like it.  (I just wrote a post defending the Oxford comma and I'm kind of proud of it.)

Some Grammar Things

I feel like everyone has their pet peeves and also their exceptions.  Meaning that one, or 10, things make them rage like a bull with a freshly branded backside while there's 1, or 10, things that they let slide, because surely those things don't REALLY matter.

My pet peeve is apostrophes in plurals.  Basket's, egg's, ladder's.  I don't mind nearly so much when people forget something that should be there, but adding that unnecessary apostrophe makes me cringe.

Also "me" vs "I."  "They gave it to my brother and I."  No, no, no!  There's such an easy rule to remember this, which might be why it bothers me so much.  Just take out the extra person and however you would refer to yourself, "They gave it to me" stays the same, "They gave it to my brother and me."

My exception is run-on sentences.  And fragments.  They're stylistic, I've decided.  My sentences are almost all too long or too short and it's quite intentional.  But who could possibly be annoyed by my whimsy?

I Wrote a Post About...

I've caught myself saying this phrase a lot lately.  Something will come up - a social issue, something household or health or clothing related, and I could just give my opinion.  But sometimes it feels like too much effort because I already wrote about it.  Doesn't the whole world read my blog and memorize my opinions so that I only have to say them once?!

It also feels like too much effort because IF I wrote a post about it then I spent a fair bit of time either researching or just formulating my own opinion, so I have more than just a quick comment to contribute to the conversation.  So if someone else says, "The media is so biased - I don't even know what to think anymore" how can I just shrug and say, "Yeah, bruh, I feel ya." when I have all the contents of this post floating around in my head???

So a lot of times I wish I could just refer people back to the relevant blog post.  Sometimes I even reread them myself so I can remember what research I based my knowledge on.

Here are some of the topics where I most frequently say, "I wrote a post on..."

Introvert Overload

I did a bad thing.  I have a couple client projects that I'm trying to finish up and I scheduled a couple fun social things for this week, which was already going to be a challenge, but then more and more things popped up that I "couldn't" say no to.  Or didn't want to.

I have 9 social events scheduled. NINE!  That's more events than there are days.  Ridiculous.  Here's what my week looked/looks like:
  • M - Harry Potter escape the room
  • T - Networking event, feminist book club
  • W - Dinner with a friend
  • Th - "Free day"
  • F - Client call, visiting a friend/watching my mom practice with her scuba gear, birthday party
  • S - Bridesmaid dress shopping
  • Su - Birthday party
PLUS working a full day on Wednesday, a half day on Monday, a marketing webinar on Thursday, and trying to finish up 2 websites and draw a concept sketch of a car by Sunday.

What the hell is wrong with me?!  Seriously.  Not rhetorical.

I'm not sure how I'm going to survive, but at the time of writing this I'm planning on pulling an all-nighter on Monday and paying a friend to watch the baby on Thursday so I can work all day.  Wish me luck!

What grammar things bother you the most?  Which are you exceptions?  What blog posts do you find yourself referencing in conversation?

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  1. First of all, HP Escape the Room MUST get a recap post, please please please!
    I am with you on apostrophes. I have different levels of grammar gripes, depending on the offender. When I'm editing for work, I have a much lower tolerance because you people are getting paid to write this stuff. That means you should know what the hell you're doing. I'm okay with typos and OCCASIONALLY flubbing AP and Chicago styles, unless it's been drilled into you that we use AP. But if you're masquerading as a writer who deserves payment for your work, you had better know grammar basics and when to use capital letters, homie. In a casual environment -- blog, Twitter, FB -- I am more forgiving, but I also genuinely don't understand how people can use the wrong there, two, etc. Do you think they're just all the same? You know there are different words, right? And if you don't know which to use, you're already writing on the internet. WHY DON'T YOU GOOGLE IT?! I am forever confused and thus frustrated by this.

  2. I was reading and had what I was going to comment swirling in my head and then I read 'ladder's' and forgot everything I wanted to say. That burned my eyeballs, I think.

  3. Sometimes I overload myself socially, but that Harry Potter escape room sounds nothing short of awesome....... I always worry that I might be putting too much of myself out there with my blog and FB and Instagram and Twitter and all that. It's a weird balance and I feel like it's always changing...

  4. I agree with Alyssa, please right about Escape the Room!

    The extra apostrophe annoys me immensely, as well as the confusion with me and I. The rule you listed IS the golden rule and it never fails. The usual they're/their/there problem bugs me, as well as comma splicing. I know that I fall victim to that one occasionally but I try to err on the side of not using them unless needed.


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