Jun 1, 2017

Quarterly Goals - Summer!

I didn't set very long-sighted goals for Spring and as a result, I got them all done before mid-April (minus the ongoing ones).  It was very satisfying and refreshing, but might also mean I need to stretch myself a bit more.

Spring Goals (March, April, May)

1. Business Collaboration Project - Check!

I'll be honest, I'm no longer sure which project I had in mind, because there have been so many opportunities.  But a definite check because I'm now a mentor for the Delaware Small Business Chamber and I'm on the marketing committee.

2. Have 1 Baby-less Outing Per Week - Check!

Networking events count, right?  I think I had "me-time" in mind when I made this but I honestly think time to myself FOR myself is unrealistic right now.  I have been out and about quite a bit for networking, occasional social events, and taking care of the dogs and that will have to be good enough.

3. One Social Event Per Month - Check!

I said once a month - ha!  I think I got closer to one per week.  Especially if you count some of the networking, because after all those group events you meet people for "coffee dates" and the lines blur between work and play.  It's amazing how much I've tipped from the extreme introvert side of the scale back to extrovert-y-ness.  Still not a total extrovert (I HATE the idea of spontaneous social events - it's got to be planned, I will always prefer one-on-one interactions, and I do need time to unwind with as few people around me as can be had - usually baby and dogs).

4. Write Some Non-Baby Blog Posts - Check!

Right?  I think I did fairly well.  I talked about tardiness and multi-level marketingSpotify and Harry Potter.  I also wrote baby posts, because balance.

5. Sign Up for a 5K - Check!

We did the Ronald McDonald 5K and actually ran the whole way!  37 minutes and some change, which is slower than I thought it was possible to run 3.1 miles but still.  And now I'm on the lookout for more kid-friendly races we can do with the jogging stroller.

5/5 - Hells yeah!

Summer Goals (June, July, August)

  1. Quiet Time - Yoga? Meditation? Reading? I don't know exactly what this looks like but I need some dedicated time to being "off" because my brain is starting to feel really chaotic and strained.
  2. Mom Friends - Make some overtures. Extend some invitations. I'd love to have a local friend who's also doing the working-from-home-with-a-baby thing and can give me advice or just empathize.
  3. An Adventure! - I'm cheating because we already have a trip planned in August to see the solar eclipse, but I've been missing travel and new experiences so I'm super glad this is on our plate.
  4. "Prune" - I listened to The Accidental Creative and a lot of it resonated with me, but particularly the bits about having just one pool of energy for work and home, and how you can have a ton of opportunities that are good BUT you still can't pursue them all because you don't have enough energy.  While it's tough to cut out potentially good things, the things that stay will grow more and better because you did that "pruning."
  5. Get Outside - Get some sun!  Take the baby to the beach.  Go to the dog training area and let Toast free her inner greyhound.  Have a picnic.  All the outdoorsy things.
That's it for me, what about you...

Do you make seasonal goals?  What are you planning for this summer?

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  1. I'm totally on board with pruning. If I have a busy week at work, I am absolutely fried if we have evening plans too, but if work is a bit slow I'm dying to do stuff on the evenings and weekends. It can be really challenging to make mom-friends but I hope you meet some soon!! Maybe someone at a networking event has children close-ish in age? One of my best friends (via my husband, not my child) is a mom with kids just a bit older than mine and that has been SUPER helpful for bouncing ideas off her. I found it hard when I made a huge group of mom friends and slowly realized that the only thing we had in common was kids around the same age...we've since drifted apart and that's okay too :)

  2. You did great with your May goals, even if you feel like you made them a little too achievable. Sometimes we need a successful month like that! I love your adventurous goal and your "get outside" goal for June!

  3. Your adventure sounds fun! I love having things planned to look forward to.


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