Jun 14, 2017

Small Talkin' (Bee Boppin', Mic Droppin')

I started this off as a rant post, and then realized I didn't really have any rants.  I just really liked the phrase "ranty panties."  So I'll giggle once more at that and then just chat at you.  Warning, it got kind of long.  (Cue joke about how I have just soooo many thoughts.)

Things Are Always Obvious in Hindsight

I was sitting in stop and go traffic for 30+ minutes and kicking myself for not checking the route before leaving home.  Then I realized I literally never check before leaving unless I don't know where I'm going and I need GPS.  How on earth would I have known to use it today?  Am I really going to check every single day?  Big backups happen maybe once every two or three months.

I'm Abusing My Body

It's so liberating to not be pregnant or breast feeding!  I feel kind of like an asshole or a bad mom for even thinking that, but I'm getting so little sleep and being able to pour caffeine down my throat is amazing.  It's not a sustainable life style, I know, and I need to be a good role model, but for now until I figure out work stuff, it's incredibly helpful.

Speaking of Work Stuff

I'm going to hire a VA (Kelli from 3K VA!!!) to do some of my admin stuff and hopefully a nanny for one day a week.  Hopefully with less work to do and more time to do it in, I can finally stop pulling all nighters!!!  I'm super stoked about this, but also a little nervous because regular monthly expenses and irregular monthly income.  But I think the networking is paying off and my business is going to continue to pick up steam if I want it to.

All 3 of My Meetup Groups are Woman-Themed

It's a feminist book club, coding classes for women, and a mom group.  It wasn't intentional, I swear!  Those are just the groups I've enjoyed the most so far.  My networking group is actually a mix, because I enjoyed the Small Business Chamber more than any of the women groups, so at least I know I'm not entirely biased.

Rethinking My Target Market

I built this whole "ideal customer profile" for my business.  It was specifically women ages 30-60 who were just getting started with their service-based business.  But over the last year or so I realized at least half my clients are men.  So maybe I need to rethink who my target is.  It doesn't need to be gender specific.  Searching for common factors it's more likely to be people with smaller budgets (I raised my prices but I'm still pretty cheap compared to others in my field), not tech savvy at all, and passionate about their business/cause.  I've got nonprofits, politicians, real estate, restaurants, artists, a private investigator, a fraternity, and even an MLM.  It's a crazy mix, so selecting for a specific business is counter productive.

Graphic Design Friends

I have often said wistfully that I wished I knew more designers, but I had no idea how to go about finding them.  I currently know more graphic designers than I have since I was in school.  It's awesome.  AND it's so collaborative and friendly and not at all competitive!  It's the best support network I could think of.  I have one new potential friend who also has a baby and does the working-from-home thing!!!  I'm so stoked.  Just another little perk of networking and meeting new people.

Not-Reading Sadness

I literally cried the other day because I haven't been reading.  Which was silly and overdramatic but I think it was a symptom of the bigger problem - I have no time just for me.  The only time I take a break from the baby is when I can "justify it" by working or doing something social.  I am almost never alone (although Ryan did take Orion so I could nap the other day and that was really nice) and it's slowly draining me.  Fingers crossed that hiring on some help frees up more time for me (and for Ryan) because I'm currently on the path to burnout.

Baby Clothes

I'm definitely overthinking this, but a couple of awesome ladies from the feminist book club shared this article with me: How to Raise a Feminist Son and it made me realize I'm totally guilty of encouraging girls to pursue traditionally male activities but NOT encouraging boys to pursue traditionally feminine activities.  So I'm trying not to avoid the color pink, for Orion or any future girls I might have.  But it's hard, because I apparently have all these weird, pre-conceived notions about pink clothes, and so many of the girl clothes are lacy or ruffly and I don't want any of my babies, of either gender, to be frilly.  Also my favorite colors are blue and green, sooo... whatever.  It's not because he's a boy!  (Note: obviously I'll be doing more than including pink in our lives but for now Orion's not terribly aware of the world so it's a bit early for discussions about societal norms. :P)

It Hurts My Heart When Ryan Disapproves of Feminist Topics

Ryan is a total feminist in that he will call someone out for treating women like they're too dumb to understand something or when he notices that TV shows or movies portray women in cliché ways.  BUT he hates the word "feminism" and isn't always on board when I talk about things like my feminist book club's official name with is "Dangerous Women Book Club."  Because of that quote: "A well-read woman is a dangerous creature."  I thought it was fun and clever but I had trouble explaining it to him.  I feel like it's a nod to the backward stereotypes that feminism attempts to overcome, but also an affirmation that women should read and revel in their intellect and not try to be dumb in order to be more attractive to men.  The more we read and educate ourselves, the more we too can have an impact on this world that thus far, has been primarily shaped by men.

My 2-Week Clothing Rotation

I love my clothes!  I ended up buying mini jewelry hangers to go with each category, so there is literally no thought beyond "which blazer outfit should I wear today?" or "which tunic outfit?"  I also managed to collect just enough new pieces so that I never feel uncomfortable or like I'm dressed inappropriately without spending a ton or getting rid of everything I had already.  I really want to do a post with 2 weeks of photos for the outfits but since I'm terrible at remembering to take pictures when I get dressed and rush out the door, this is unlikely to happen...

Potato Baby No Longer!

I've been calling Orion a "potato baby" in that he was a pasty little lump that didn't really do anything or interact with humans.  (With love, of course.)  BUT NOW HE DOES STUFF!!!  He has a blast in his bouncy seat, and he smiles and laughs both in response to things I do and all on his own when he's in a good mood.  He's constantly waving his arms and legs around and when he's in bed with me he almost always turns towards me and puts his feet on me.  It feels playful, even if that's not necessarily his intention.  He also doesn't do the stranger danger thing with everyone and it's a relief to find some humans that he's ok with besides just me, Ryan, and Momma.

Feeling Kinda Extrovert-y

I have always said I swing back and forth.  Well I'm fully on the extrovert side right now.  I get drained sitting at home with the baby and I feel so much better after going to a mom group or having a friend come over and talk to me so it's not just me and Orion babbling nonsense at each other all day.

And this might perhaps be the reason that all this conversation just bubbled out of me today.  Despite having a social or business event almost every day this week, I needed to talk EVEN MORE.  Feel sorry for my mom, you guys.  She's definitely an introvert and sometimes I just exhaust her.

That's it - what's going on with you?  Chat back at me and tell me all about your life!

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  1. So excited you're loving the 2 week clothing rotation :) The freedom is the best! No more thinking about clothes, it's so great.

  2. It sounds like your work-life is going really, really well right now! Now you just need to focus on some self-care and personal life relaxation :)
    My husband is a feminist and is all about woman can do whatever men can and should be compensated/rewarded/recognized for it, but he gets weird on certain subjects, too. He's set in the past on the whole last name thing ("because that's just how it's always been" *eyeroll*) and some other smaller things like that.

  3. I feel like since having a baby I have become that stereotypical GIVE ME ALL THE CAFFEINE lady. Like, I force myself to sludge through work instead of allowing myself to give into the desire to become Lorelei Gilmore.

    I've thought about the discrepancy regarding feminism & kids- it's SLOWLY becoming easier for girls to do boy stuff, but you're totally right that boys still aren't encouraged to do many so-called "girly" things. A few things that any children who come through my home will learn, regardless of gender: cook a meal, do laundry, change tire, check oil, care for children (ie, if I have a son he will probably get a baby doll so he can "play being a daddy").

  4. Yayy for hiring a VA! :)

    Also, it's so great when babies finally do stuff! It feels like all those nights and days of no sleep might actually be worth it.

  5. I hope hiring the VA helps you out a lot! I imagine you must be incredibly exhausted. I've been working and not working since having a baby and either way, I've still been tired. Although the level of tired definitely varies. Ha you and your mom are opposite of my mom and I - she's the extrovert, I'm the introvert. I would love some time to just sit in a room alone at some point.. like when Ellie moves out maybe?? I don't know, I've given up for now. Greg and I were talking about feminism the other day and I called him a feminist and he disagreed.. I told him that he agreed with all my points that basically mean women should have equal rights and that makes him a feminist. I think sometimes men might balk at the term feminist still?


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