Jul 13, 2017

"Abundance" and Other Buzzwords

I'm going to start by reminding you of my highly cynical nature.  The more you tell me to believe blindly vs following actionable steps, the higher you'll see my eyebrows go.

I try to be open-minded but for the most part it's a "good for you, not for me" situation.  You believe what you want and I'll believe what I want.  Neither one is interfering with the other so what does it matter?

BUT, even with the best of intentions to remain open-minded and non-judgy, I am sick of hearing certain phrases.

Manifesting.  Synergy.  Rewrite your story.  Intentions.  Vibrations.  Abundance.

Forgive me if any of these feature regularly in your vocabulary.  And know that it doesn't matter if I like what you like.  Continue on manifesting abundance through your intention to emit positive vibrations.

What irks me about these words is not people running around having fun stretching their vocabularies or diving into the mystical.  I like mysticism myself, even if I have trouble getting past the shallow end of the pool.  What irks me is when people use this type of vocabulary to present a misleading perception of themselves to others.

We all try to come up with the best version of "our story" to show the world.  And that's natural.  But it all gets a bit murky for me when it comes to selling.  Promising others wild success and then talking about the abundance you've manifested seems like selling an empty promise to me.  You're essentially creating your "abundance" from tricking others into believing you already have it.

In one specific example, someone from one of my networking groups said she was no longer going to be running the group or her previous business.  Rather than say what she was transitioning into, she said she was "coming into a place of abundance."


After hearing a few different versions of the story, I think I've pieced together the non-mystical-jargon version of the story.

She got bored and/or burned out, dropped some of her obligations that were overwhelming her, and decided to try something new.

What is wrong with that story?  Why do we have to put this new-agey spiritual spin on it?  She didn't have to "manifest" this career change.  She just decided to do it.  You go, girl!  Take action in your life.

Honestly, I think that sounds more impressive than "life has handed me abundance and I must follow where it takes me."  Because you made a decision and are working to build the life you want.  You're being proactive instead of passively letting life roll over you or letting some all-knowing universe tell you what "your path" should be.  There's nothing wrong with changing your mind and there's definitely nothing wrong with being in control of your own destiny!

I hate the idea that we're not in control of our own lives.  That it's our thoughts and intentions rather than our actual actions that enact change.  I don't think praying for victims of a tragedy is helpful and I don't think thinking positive things about money is going to pad your wallet.

And I feel like, in general, words like "abundance" are often used to mask the fact that there is no plan, or it's still coming together, or to make it sound like everything is fun and breezy and if you just pay me $50 for my e-course, you too can make money with minimal effort!

Wouldn't it be so much more "authentic" (to use a buzzword) if we admitted that we're not sure what we're doing yet?  Why do we need to pretend we have it all together or that it's all predetermined?  Does that really sell better than, "I'm working hard and making progress at a reasonable rate"???

I suppose it does or people wouldn't keep doing it.  But I'm never going to be ok with it.

So go ahead and manifest all you want!  Write blog posts on it and tell me about all the positive things coming into your life.  But don't try to sell me manifestations and abundance and over-the-phone energy healing.

I need a business coach who's going to say, "Shit, woman, get your finances in order!  Here's 5 steps to get started."  Do those exist?  Or is coaching solely the realm of the new-age-y and the magical?

What buzzwords bother you and which, if any, in my list do you use regularly?

P.S. If you'd like to waste some time, here's a "New-Age Bullshit Generator" that entertained me quite a bit.

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  1. Loved this - esp because in life it irks me too when people use the promise of abundance to actually get their own abundance. I get what you're saying completely.

  2. So I actually like the word abundance, but I never hear it used the way you describe. (In the yoga community though, there's no shortage of ~*~ energies ~*~ and *~~ manifestations ~~* and stuff that people obviously don't care to use correctly or with any sense or logic whatsoever.) When I think of abundance, I think of the instruction I've read to operate from an abundance mindset, versus a scarcity mindset. I think that concept is super interesting and helpful, but it's also vastly different from what you discuss.

    I think I'm a little bit in each camp. After trying to get hired for so long and just encountering so many false starts despite doing my very best and everything I knew how to do and learning more every day, and after some other general life stuff that's happened, I do believe that certain challenges are just inevitable for some people and I don't always know the reason. I don't believe in god and destiny and whatever, but I do believe that there are things that happen TO you, despite your efforts to bring about a different outcome. And it's not the ~ will of the divine ~ or anything like that; it's typically factors like other people and things you can't see or know. But the example you give, of changing your mind... yeah, call a spade a spade. And I agree that making a hard decision is something to be proud of, not pretend you had nothing to do with.

    RE business coaches, are you actually looking for one? Because I know where you can find a good one - email me :)

    1. I agree with you on this, having just completed my yoga teacher training. It is all about the mindset and how you are taking things on, verses saying, I did nothing, I manifested this by sitting here eating my cheerios this morning. You are in control of your own actions and outcomes can change depending on your mindset. I hope I didn't just talk in circles there!

  3. I did not know any of those were buzzwords, honestly! Haven't heard them, haven't read them... kind of glad I don't have anyone in my life who talks like that? Pretty sure when I hear abundance it's the farmer's market guy telling me he has an abundance of strawberries.

  4. Those sounded like words Trump would use a lot. So..yeah, not a fan either.

  5. I've never really heard/seen "abundance" used like that, but I get what you mean. The term "basic" REALLY puts me off- although that has nothing to do with this stuff. Phrases like, "Live your best life" also make me pull a muscle rolling my eyes. Ha.
    I'm one of those people who uses the term "vibes." But I'm also one of those people who prayers for others. (Not like, put my hand on their head in public pray. I mean before I fall asleep I say a quick thanks and list some people/incidents that I'd like help/guidance/etc. with, lol.)
    I get where you're coming from with this. This kind of language is just over the top and totally not genuine. Or so it seems.


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