Jul 19, 2017

Mo' Baby Stuff

I just kind of want to talk about Orion today.  I haven't been to a mom group in a while so... bear with me.

He's almost 6 months old!

People keep commenting on how fast he's getting older and I get it - other people's kids do seem to grow up pretty fast.  But it doesn't seem fast to me, and that's not a bad thing.  I'm enjoying our current pace of life.  The only changes I want to make are less multi-tasking and more sleeping.

We moved him into his own room!

I cried so much the first night.  Like to the point where I couldn't calm down and sleep and had to get on my phone for some mindless distraction.  Ryan was sad, too, but in a more stereotypical man way where he says, "I'm a little sad" and then rolls over and goes to sleep.

The 2nd night was fine.  Lol!  I guess I got all the emotions out the first night.  The 3rd night he was awake every other hour and I finally gave up and put him in our bed.  I was worried that I'd be ruining all the progress we made but it was fine.  He's been sleeping in his crib the past couple weeks AND he's slept 11 hours without feeding breaks several times.

Ryan keeps telling me he didn't expect me to be as emotionally attached as I am.

He then reassures me that this is a good thing but I wonder if he actually means it.  In any case, I'm fine with my balance of being a mom and being myself.  I don't have trouble focusing on non-mom topics and I'm just as obsessed with my business as I ever was.  But yes, I do occasionally need to cry hysterically about various baby-related things and change is hard and I often feel unnecessary mom-guilt.

To me these just feel like facts of life and, as long as I don't let them overwhelm me or dictate my actions, I don't think it's a big deal that I'm a little less rational than I was before.

My definition of peace is my baby sleeping.

This won't come as a surprise to other parents, but it did for me.  I was at a counseling appointment and the counselor asked me to describe the first thing that came to mind when she said "peace."  My first thought was nothing - like I don't have it at all, but my second thought was the baby sleeping.  Specifically me holding him while he sleeps.

There's all this advice that says babies need to fall asleep on their own in the crib and I was worried because Orion tends to fall asleep on the bottle BUT you know what?  Life is too short to worry.  Currently it's not a problem and he is sleeping through the night most of the time and soothing himself back to sleep without a bottle or me rocking him so I'm going to let myself have this one.  I need more peace in my life and right now that means sitting and holding my baby for an extra half hour each night.

He eats people food!

Everybody knows I was excited to start giving Orion adult food.  I read about mashing up food from our plates vs making purees or using jars of baby food, and decided there was enough support for the option I wanted to do (straight to adult food) that we would try it.  It was hilarious at first because Orion didn't know how to chew so he'd spit everything back out again by accident and he made these frowny faces of intense concentration whenever he tasted a new flavor.

Now he's starting to get it.  I think chewing is actually easier for him than liquidy foods like smoothies because he doesn't understand the closing your mouth part so liquids tend to run right back out again.  He also doesn't understand how to put food in his own mouth, which is kind of ridiculous because he puts everything else in there!  He'll just sit there with an open mouth waiting, like a baby bird, or if he's really hungry he'll launch his face at my hand when it's close enough.  This makes it difficult to feed him but is hilarious.

He looooves his bouncy seat.

Orion wants to be upright all the time but can't actually sit up yet.  He's also likes to jump and he's starting to really get into all the various doohickeys there are to grab and crinkle and spin on the chair.  Sometimes he bounces so violently that the chair sounds like it's going to fall apart and Toast flees.  I feel bad for her but it's pretty funny.

He's changing constantly.

Every week there's some new thing.  A couple weeks ago it was his tongue - he learned how to blow raspberries and was constantly making this "pbbtbtbtbt" noise.  I don't even know when he went from just being able to grab things to now being able to spin the wheel thing on the bouncy seat.  He's also rolling onto his stomach and scooting in a circle.  It happens so slowly you almost don't notice and then you realize he's facing the opposite direction from where he started.

Orion and Luke are going to be best buddies.

He watches both of the dogs all the time and laughs when Luke licks him.  (Toast is too chicken, which is unfortunate because she really liked him when he was smaller.)  Luke just wants to lick anyone who will let him so we're constantly having to pull him away to keep his tongue out of the baby's mouth.  I think they would both be fine with it, but we're not!

Luke has also learned that babies are a good source of food.  He parks himself under the high chair every mealtime to await dropped food or the occasional treat from me or Ryan (we give in to begging as long as it's not obnoxious).

And now for the not-so-sneaky baby pictures!  I'm breaking Ryan's and my rule but I don't feel that bad about it because after telling Google not to list my blog and removing all the places where I shared it, my hits are down from thousands a month to under 100.  I think I know everyone who's visiting and you guys are cool.  Here's Little Dude.

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  1. Oh I so can't wait to see you guys soon!! Show him a picture of me so he remembers his buddy, would ya? ;)

    I think you're doing great as far as being Jenn and being Orion's mother. The thing is, the latter IS a part of Jenn, it has to make appearances in your personality and conversations. You wouldn't have had a baby if you didn't want one of your "labels" (for lack of better description) to be "mother," so it's perfectly natural that things have changed in the way they have. It's a *good* thing, from one non-mother to a mother. We've had many, many conversations where baby hasn't even come up, which signals that you've maintained your connection to pre-motherhood interests and traits, but you talk about him and answer questions about him and share pictures about him... because you're a mom now, too. And you're a great one, from where I'm sitting!

    Can't wait to squeeze your baby's face soon, tbh. Also looking forward to seeing you and Ryan, I guess :P

  2. Men and their sadness, lol. "I'm sad... Zzzzzzz."
    I think his emotional comment was a positive one. I'm not maternal and I kind of worry about that some day with kids, but if K said that to me I'd take it as a compliment. Lol
    I love the idea of baby-led weaning. Hopefully we can do that some day!
    Love the pics, too! Especially the one with Luke under the highchair. Haha!

  3. These updates are so cute and refreshing! Love how you describe being able to balance Jenn with baby and work. I hope that one day I can describe my experience like you do.

  4. oh wow, you can tell google to stop showing your blog? i am very intrigued.
    he is seriously adorable so i'm so happy you're sharing pics. and i love reading about everything though i might not have much to say because i don't have a baby lol to share any experience. but i love that you went straight to adult food as that is what i am hoping to do as well.

  5. Orion is such a cutie!!! For awhile, Zoe would fall asleep while taking her bottle and now I dont have any problems laying her down in her crib awake so I think you do what you want! I was sad the first week or so that we moved Zoe to her own room, but it has been wonderful for all of us. The bouncy seats are so fun, right????

  6. Baby pictures - ermahgeeerd! He's adorable! We didn't have an option to move Ellie to her own room till we moved to SC, but we sleep trained her before then and I think my first night with that was like your first night with him in his room. It was just abominable. I barely slept at all that night. I hated feeling separated from her. I was on the couch that night and it was awful. And wow if he is sleeping through the night already, that is great! We still haven't reached that point - she has been waking up once, but I've got a similar mindset of just doing what seems right at the moment. I used to stress a lot over sleep because obviously we weren't getting much. We joke around that she wakes up and can do a new thing all of a sudden. Like she started waving a couple days ago. I've been trying to teach her for weeks haha.

  7. Aww yay for him sleeping well through the night in his own bed for the most part. He is SO cute-- you can tell how happy he looks in his bouncy chair.

  8. If we have another baby, I think I will go straight to "people food" too. The purees are really more hassle than they were worth (although like everything, I've heard it depends on the baby).

    Sleep TOTALLY equals peace. Babycakes sleeps through the night 90-95% of the time, but this past week she's woken up like 3 nights. It's the friggin' WORST. But she slept through the night last night and when I woke up I swear an angelic chorus was going off :) So glad he is doing well most nights and y'all are getting rest.

  9. Orion is such a cutie! That's so great that he is doing well in his own room and the people food is going good. Such a little man!


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