Aug 15, 2017

I Vote with My Voice and I Vote Against Hate

It's tempting to let this go, because it feels like there's just one issue after another, and our president does nothing useful, and you all know how I feel anyway.  But I think maybe saying nothing is as bad as not voting.  By not making a statement or a choice or using your voice, you're allowing evil to have its way, letting people think this is the majority, that we're ok with this.

And it's not ok.  We have goddamn Nazis holding protests in our country less than a century after we fought and lost countless lives to stop them.  (The link if you somehow haven't heard about this.)

And I know they have the same freedoms the rest of us do.  The freedom to say whatever they want, the freedom to organize and protest peacefully.  But was it peaceful?  Should a peaceful protest involve torches and rifles?  It definitely doesn't cover the assault and murder of counter protestors by driving a fucking vehicle into the crowd.

I don't really have anything to say that someone else hasn't already said, and said more eloquently.  But I think it's important to keep saying it.

This isn't normal.  This isn't right.  I don't support this.

I still think our biggest danger is not all the scary shit that's happening or our useless president who doesn't openly condemn white supremacists/the alt right/Nazis/whatever you want to call them because he agrees with them.  I think the biggest danger is the complacency and inaction of those who disagree.

And it's easy to get complacent.  I don't want to still be reading this and thinking about this.  But we need to or who knows what all horrible laws and bills and healthcare repeals will happen while we're not looking.

I'm still here.  I still care.  I'm still voicing my opinion.

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  1. That Charlottesville riot was beyond sad. Hard to imagine people with that mindset walk still this earth and are among us. Le sigh.

  2. "I think the biggest danger is the complacency and inaction of those who disagree." YES!!! This is why I wrote about it too. Nothing I said was a surprise to any reader of mine either, but it is so important that we speak up and say our piece. To make clear that we do not stand with white supremacists, nor support their actions. That we stand against them, even if our President will not, unless his Secretary of State forces him to read a scripted message.

  3. Yes. I agree 100%. I think everyone in my life knows that I am against the actions and events that took place this weekend- but I'm going to voice it anyway because staying quiet just isn't an option. Nazis and KKK members aren't going to stay quiet. So we have to rise up and lift our voices to prove we aren't ok with this hate.

  4. Yes. I was trying to figure out how to write about this, because it is important. But I was questioning whether it was worth saying when 1) I've said it before, 2) so have others, 3) I'm not sure I am making a difference. But yes. Speaking out is the least we can do.


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