Aug 31, 2017

Things I Do That Make Me Happy Now, Later, and Never

This post comes to you courtesy of Stephanie's blog post ideas.

Things I Do That Make Me Happy...




1. Mindless Phone Time

Sometimes it's automatic and sometimes I just need a break but there's no point in picking up a book because I'm watching the baby and he'll need something in 5 minutes or so.  Whatever the excuse, I'll somehow spend 30 minutes or more doing absolutely nothing and then I feel like crap because I wasted that time and there's very little worth doing or reading on social media anyway.

2. Lose My Temper

My brain lies to me and says, "Just let go. Snap at Ryan/yell at the dog/bitch about traffic.  It'll feel good."  It doesn't.  Especially in the case of yelling at the dogs, where I feel guilty almost immediately.

3. Go to Excess

Mmmm, that chocolate was so delicious.  I should have a few more handfuls.  Boom!  Now I feel sick.  Wow, caffeine is amazing and I feel so much more awake and productive.  Boom!  Now my hands are shaking and I feel light-headed.  This book is so good, I'll just read another chapter or two.  Boom!  It's 2am and I have to get up in 3 hours.  I don't seem to have any filter that tells me when to stop.  Everything just feels great right up until the moment when it feels horrible.  (Hence me giving up alcohol.)


1. Reading!

Being alone with a snack and my face buried in a fantasy or sci-fi book is my happy place.  I know it's my number one favorite thing because when I hit burnout and can't force myself to do one more damn productive thing, this is always where you'll find me.  It's also the one thing I do somehow find time for even when I'm telling Ryan I can't possibly fit in a tv show or video game time with him.

2. Organizing Shit

It's a weird obsession.  Considering all the other unhealthy things I do to excess, I'm not too worried about this one.  No one ever died from reorganizing their closet too many times!  I do realize that an organizational system only saves you time if you spend more time using it than setting it up (and then replacing it with the next system and the next and the next), but I enjoy it and it's harmless, so I don't care.

3. Self Improvement/Analysis

This is kind of a weird one because the point of it is supposed to be long-term improvements.  But I really like the process of it.  I love analyzing myself (and others) and breaking things down into tiny pieces and seeing how I might arrange them more efficiently.  I also love the insights I get from my self help books, even though (as I confessed to Ryan the other day) I frequently don't put them into practice.  I honestly think this has become something I enjoy planning more than doing, which isn't ideal, but like the organizing, it's not really harmful either.


1. Make Healthy Choices

Bleurghghghg, I don't want to run right now.  But I know I'll feel good about it later and I know that a month or even a week of consistent exercise will have me feeling happier and coping with life better.  Same with sleep and cooking healthy food.

2. Hustle

I'm starting to feel like a broken record with all my "I don't sleep, I don't sleep, I don't sleep" but this is why.  It's not for the day-to-day feel goods.  It's for the long term progress and satisfaction of watching my business grow.

3. Be Social

This is not to say I don't enjoy going to social events.  But I still frequently have to force myself through the "Mlegh, I don't wanna go!"  I always make myself and I usually have fun, and even if I don't, the time spent is an investment into building and sustaining relationships.  I consider this an investment because having a good support network is a big contributor to overall happiness, even if we don't think we need other people.

What about you?  What do you do for instant gratification, for long-term happiness, and despite knowing it makes you unhappy?

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  1. Agree, the social media scrolling is almost never good. Trying to get more ebooks so there is a little something to look at instead.

    Can you come over and organize my house? Awesome, thanks!

  2. Excess. Yes. I've gotten way better, but some things still need work.

    I would absolutely have organizing on my list too! Organizing/decluttering/cleaning, that is. It's so immediately satisfying and I'm a person who thrives on a fresh look/change of pace in my environment.

    Healthy choices sometimes make me feel good right now (eating a fresh fruit or veg is one sure-fire way to make me feel more like a human in 2 seconds) but healthy choices like going to sleep at a reasonable time and NOT buying snack foods at the grocery store, etc. are all for the benefit of Future Alyssa. I hope she's grateful for it!

    OK I think I just gotta do this myself. Fun post idea.

  3. Ugh I totally hear you on excess, I do that way too often. Usually food related and then I feel SO sick.
    Organizing is on my list too (of course.) It always makes me so happy, I feel so productive, it's motivating!

  4. The mindless phone time is a big one for me (especially with stupid games where I get like, 2 hours of free lives and then BOOM! there goes the evening). Keeping a routine bedtime, cooking, even grocery shopping make me happy. I don't like cleaning but I love walking and living in a clean/clutter-free apartment, so I guess that would be on my "later" list. Researching random things I'm curious about or planning events/vacations always makes me happy, but that's oddly specific and not always great because FOMO!

  5. I too love self analyzing (and analyzing others), reading, and organizing.
    I also hate the social media wormhole that I fall into when I just want to check something or waste two minutes. Ugh.

  6. I love self analyzing and used to enjoy organizing but not these days...haha. I enjoy organizing AFTER decluttering. :)
    I have problems with the excess...which I'm sure is not uncommon but still, I haven't learned.

  7. oh my gosh love this! organising shit is my jam, especially when it doesn't need organising. ha!


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