Sep 21, 2017

Quarterly Goals - Fall

I'm a bit late, but that's ok because quarterly goals give you 3 whole months to get 'em done!

Summer Goals (June, July, August)

1) Quiet Time - there was an attempt

I read some books.  Mostly because a friend and I had visited the most amazing second hand book store and seeing physical books lying around made it harder to resist the lure.  I also, quite by accident, defined "peace" at my counselor's office as holding my baby while he sleeps.  So I've decided to quit feeling guilty for letting him fall asleep on me and instead just enjoy the quiet.

2) Mom Friends - check

I joined a local mom group on Meetup and made some other overtures.  I'm checking this off not because I've successfully made friends I see regularly but because I feel I did all I reasonably could to foster those relationships.  I don't really have any new friends yet (or solid prospects) but that's more because I don't feel as much of a drive to seek them out now that I have childcare and I can focus more on work/networking AND because I got tired of people not getting back to me.  Sometimes I'm willing to put forth the effort to make social things happen and sometimes I say, "Fuck it.  I'm busy, too, assholes."

3) An Adventure - check!

I can't take credit for this but Ryan planned the most amazing surprise for my birthday!  He had told me to keep a weekend open for him and I literally thought we were going to sit around and play video games (which I was still looking forward to but expectations were low).  Then he started asking some pointed questions about whether I'd be ok to leave the baby with "the best of care" overnight (which was/is clearly my mom).  I still wasn't expecting much more than a good night's rest until the day of, when we got into a car and proceeded to drive past Philadelphia.

At that point you pretty much know you're going to New York, which I guessed and Ryan confirmed.  Happily I chatted away, and oohed and aahed as we entered the big city.  We got to our hotel and went up to the room, where I was quite surprised to see a cake and balloon - not typical Ryan details.  As I turned to thank him, my sisters and brother-in-law burst out of the 2nd room in the suite and yelled, "Surprise!"

I almost cried.  It was awesome.  Then we went to an amazing restaurant where the worst possible thing that could be said of any of the dishes was, "It was good for brussel sprouts," saw Sleep No More which is insane, and had a leisurely stroll through Central Park the next morning munching on random food from street carts and pastry shops.

Our masks from the show.  Imagine dark hallways with lots of silent people wandering around with these on.
We also did the long-planned eclipse trip and it was awesome, too.

4) "Prune" - Semi check?

I wrote a post about pruning, and I did try to cut some stuff.  But I think what I did more of was delegating, and I guess that's ok, too.  I've got Kelli handling my social media stuff and a freelancer who works with me on Fridays.  We also hired a nanny, which was really good for a while.  Then she hurt her back and the daycare asked if we wanted to move our start date up and it all seemed rather serendipitous, so we said yes.  So pruning is less of an issue now than it was before I was gifted 3 extra baby-free days each week.

5) Get Outside - check!

We tried to go to the off-leash dog area at the state park or the dog park at least once a week.  We also walked a lot (and I got comfortable walking the dogs and baby on my own).  Then we ended the summer with a beach visit and a trip to Wyoming, so nature and sunshine galore!

4/5 - Half points for pruning and quiet time

Fall Goals (September, October, November)

  1. Run a 5K or 2 (I need something to train for)
  2. Learn to cook something new (Still inspired by the zoodles!)
  3. Try something new (I'm thinking acupuncture but am leaving this open for other ideas)
  4. Go the zoo (Orion's probably too young to really get much out of it, but I finally have a kid and I want to do kid things!)
  5. Ren Faire!!!
  6. Link up to SUYB for the first time in months
  7. Pay off my credit card (Confession: I've been floating a balance since buying my laptop.  But I'm tired of paying interest, so I'm calling in all the client invoices.  Pay me, mofos!)
  8. Burn some candles (We buy them and always forget to use them)
  9. Bake something!
  10. Try 9 new flavors at UDairy Creamery (They have seriously fun ones like cherry pie and fig/goat cheese)
I started making my fall list based on things I want to accomplish and then I thought more about my "Living with Enthusiasm" post and realized I want fun goals.  I want to eat the ice cream and watch my child's face when we show him giraffes for the first time and spend some time reading with candles and tea instead of sneaking in a few pages late at night when all the work is done and I only have 6 hours left to sleep.

I'm going to enjoy life this Fall - what about you?

Do you make seasonal goals?  What are you planning for this fall?

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  1. Your birthday surprise trip sounds amazing-- love all the details Ryan put into it! Love the variety of your goals for fall and your intentionalism to pick things that you'll find fun things to do.

  2. Ahhh yay you got to go to Sleep No More! I know that's been on your radar for a while. Would have been great to meet up while you were in NYC but I love that you had some adult time with your family.

    So on board with your fall goals and intention behind them. Yes! Have fun! Eat all that amazing ice cream! What are your "try something new" parameters? I also am aiming to do some baking this fall, which I haven't done in... years. But it's part of my mission to embrace hygge this fall/winter.

  3. "I want to eat the ice cream and watch my child's face when we show him giraffes for the first time" YES! I am very guilty of only making serious goals, which are important, but sometimes I think the fun goals are the ones that mean the most in the end. Sounds like you had a great birthday weekend. I'm not familiar with Sleep No More but those masks freak me out, so now I must learn what it is!

  4. Oh the NYC trip sounds fab. How sweet of Ryan to do that for you. Love your fall goals - love that you've really thought them through and planned them out. Looking forward to the updates.

  5. I think your goals sound great and fun! And that birthday surprise is amazing!! What a cool adventure! Such a sweet husband :)
    I wish we had a local acupuncturist I could trust. I'd totally do it.

  6. So impressed that you took both dogs & the baby walking! I REALLY need to do that, we are not being good dog owners, but I'm so intimidated to try handling all three of them at once.

  7. I used to do seasonal goals, but I need more structure so I'm back to monthly. I do have my fall bucket list though! The last time I actively tried to find friends, I wound up with Blue lol. Forming adult friendships is hard, but at least you tried! That NYC bday trip sounds absolutely amazing! Go Ryan! Do you remember the name of the restaurant? I don't have a kid and I still love going to the zoo! I'm also planning to bake something, and cook some new stuff. I'm missing Renn Faire this year, boo. I love all of these goals- have fun!


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