Sep 28, 2017

Things I Have Zero Patience For

I know I let things get to me too much and I shouldn't be irritated about blog posts and social media and so on.  Butttt... sometimes it's nice to just complain.  So here you go!

Things I Have Zero Patience For

Complaining About Being Fat

First off, there's nothing wrong with being fat.  If you're going to be bigger, why not just own it and love your beautiful self, regardless of size and what society says is ideal?  Secondly, are you actually doing anything to change it?  Yeah, I know it's hard.  I've experienced the struggle as has every single other overweight person I know.  With a very, very few exceptions for people who actually have thyroid issues, there's nothing special about your body that makes it harder for you than everyone else.  We all struggle and we only succeed when we really work to make it happen.  Decide what you want to do and be and then rock it.

Giving Away Pets

This is one area where I'm not ashamed to judge people.  It's amazing how many people suddenly develop allergies to their pets years after getting them when something else happens (like a baby) and they don't want them anymore.  Go be around animals before you adopt one.  If you have allergies, you'll figure it out before taking responsibility for a creature's life instead of finding out later and ditching your pet like a child with an old toy.

Our Home Owner's Association

The one meeting I went to was plenty for me.  I unfollowed the Facebook group because my neighbors are the whiniest assholes.  We don't want dogs in our yards or kids in the street!  Build a playground or a dog park?  Hell no!  We don't want to pay for that!  It's just constant whining and unwillingness to take any proactive measures.

People Not Helping Plan Events

You know when you say, "Who wants to go to happy hour?" and everyone says, "YAZZZZ, that sounds amazing!"  But then you ask, "Does such and such a day/time/location work for everyone?" and it goes silent.  Fine.  We just won't do it.  You think I've got time to plan all this shit AND keep following up with your ass to see if you actually want to do it?  No.  We're all equally busy.  I don't have magical reserves of time that you don't.  I'll invite someone who doesn't make it hard for me.


Things I Have MORE Patience For (than I used to)

Babies Crying

Someone else's baby was crying at my office job the other day and I thought, "Awww, it's a baby!" instead of "Ermagawd, I'm going to slam my head into a wall!"  Who knew having your own kid would toughen you up to everyone else's as well?

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