Oct 16, 2017

Digital Decluttering

I had a conversation with some blogger friends that went like this (paraphrasing, of course), "Ya'll I'm tired of blogging."  "Me too!"  "I still want to blog, I just don't want to read anyone else's or feel obligated to do anything."  "Totes!"  "Omg, we should all make our blogs private and only do what we wanna do."  "Coo'."

So I stopped reading all the blogs I'd been reading, and I no longer have comments to respond to because no one can read this or weigh in with their thoughts.  I do miss some of the occasional thoughtful conversations but most of the comments were trite or forced or just plain boring.

For me that was the beginning of a digital declutter.  I then rampaged about on Facebook, my phone and Meetup.  Here's what I've accomplished:


Dropped all the Meetup groups I was on the fence about (1 more in the near future after I attend the one event I'd already signed up for).  I didn't always join because I enjoyed them or they were beneficial.  Some I was in the "broaden my horizons" or one had been recommended by someone.  But if it doesn't fit in my current schedule I'm not going and if I'm not enjoying it AND it doesn't serve my business, why do that to myself?  I'll find diversity in other ways.


Scaled back my Facebook groups to just the essentials.  No more networking group that I don't intend to stay in once my membership expires.  No more fitness/MLM group that I was in out of politeness to a previous client.  No more entrepreneurial group for the sake of the rare, occasional useful tidbits buried amidst the mystical bullshit.  Only groups that are worth my time at least 50% of the time.


Removed all social media from my phone (minus Instagram).  Even Facebook!  Most of my social posting is scheduled, but Instagram has to be posted from the app, not a scheduler, so that's on my phone but there's no shortcut for it on my phone.  To find it I have to dig through my app directory, which usually prevents me from bothering.  Facebook I really ought to have, to participate in me and Kelli's group, but I was wasting so much time on there.  Now I'll check in once a day, do my due diligence, and then check back out.

Plans for Future

I've been pressuring myself to create content for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, blog, and send out a monthly newsletter.  It's a lot and, ultimately, networking is my biggest ROI anyway.  So I'm scaling way, way back on social media and focusing on the face-to-face interaction.  I might drop the e-newsletter altogether.
Part of me is reluctant to give up all that effort, but another part of my brain is just singing at the idea of eliminating some of the pressure.  And more and more, that vibrant little thrill of "YES!" is what I'm following.  Sorry, logic, you can't do everything.

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