Oct 2, 2017

Routine Building

You all know how much I've been struggling with routines.  Ryan and I will have our Friday night family discussion and we talk about what worked and what didn't and how we want the next week to go.

Friday night has long been set aside as date night but I broke that this past week and had a friend come over to work on her Save the Dates for her wedding. He was a little annoyed, and he said something like, "You have to decide that you're going to actually do this." And normally I might brush that off as crankiness but he had a point.

I've been struggling so hard to get on a routine and that's why. Because I break my own rules and make exceptions all the time. So I took my optimal daily schedule that I've had floating around in my head and put it on my Trello board for "this week." If I do anything that's not included in the schedule, I have to choose something to bump off. I think having that visual and realizing I can't actually "do both" or "get it all done" will help me say no to more things.

I'm actually really excited about this, which is silly because I've tried so many things and they haven't worked. But, but, Trello! Everything works if it's on Trello!!!

The colors are for different types of activities and the ones with my picture are the work tasks that are supposed to be completed in each of those time slots. I don't currently estimate how long each of those tasks is going to take but maybe I should, to get really clear on whether they'll fit in the time spots I'm putting them in.

This is also good because with the colors I can easily visualize how much time in my week is being allotted to different priorities, like exercise or family.  I added a couple things like "spend time actually playing with baby and not doing anything else" because I realized I literally didn't have any time slots for him.  He was just an obstacle that the rest of my routines were working around.

I can even specify a theme for each day:
  • M - Errands
  • T - Paying the bills
  • W - Working ON the business
  • Th - Family
  • F - Working IN the business
  • S - Social
  • Su - Relaxation
Only quasi-related, this blog is now secret and private and I'm still writing to "you guys" mostly out of habit, but I guess if I ever republish people might see it again.  For now this is a private journal to get my head straight and work through stuff and the task of "replying to comments," enjoyable as it may be, is one I've deprioritized and removed from my life.

More on that in the next post.

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