Jan 6, 2018

I'm Writing this While My Baby Plays with the Dog Water

I wanted to start this post with a wise and pithy quote from my husband, who reminded me just last night that my life is mine, and I should occasionally put myself first and enjoy it.  But, alas!  I am a mom now, and my brain cells are shot and cannot retain a damn thing.

So instead, let me just say, I'M BACK AND I HAVE MISSED YOU ALL SO MUCH!

I've actually been posting, it's just been hidden and difficult to access.  I wrote a post on the 2nd, which is the real "comeback" post, so go check that out.  This post is more logistics and expectation-setting.

I'm NOT enabling comments.  Which is not because I didn't love getting them but because towards the end I was scrambling to actually respond and it made me feel like an ass.  So if you want to comment or say something, feel free to email me, but also feel free not to!  I've never been a fan of commenting just for the sake of commenting.

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I'm also not recreating any of my blog social accounts.  So this blog will be accessibly by feed reader, or if you follow by email.  (Dear Sisters, I added you - you're welcome!)

Updates from the Last 6 Months

The Good

My baby learned to climb stairs, unroll toilet paper, and find things even if I move them from his line of sight.  I'm sure at some point it will be frustrating or I'll be frazzled and wish he hadn't learned these things but right now it's still funny and exciting to watch him make these discoveries.

My business has grown a lot, and I just raised my prices to a number I never would have dreamed of 2 years ago!  I'm working towards quitting the part time job this year and having my business be my sole income.  (I'm actually really proud of my business blog, right now, if you've got any interest in reading about business and design things.)

SO MUCH optimization and life design and goal setting.  I'm writing a post on that now.

The Bad

My aunt died, and then my grandmother.  My aunt was too young, and healthy, and died unexpectedly after a routine surgery.  She won't be there for her daughter's wedding this summer and I still have trouble wrapping my mind around it.  My grandmother went into the hospital for a fall and then found out she had cancer and 30 days to live.  We flew out as soon as possible, so we could see each other one last time and she could meet her great grandson.  I'm so, so glad we had the opportunity to say goodbye, but it was also hard, and stressful, and makes me wish I never had to fly with a baby again.

There is No Ugly

I'm working really hard on improving my mindset (affirmations on the mirror and everything!), and I've already devolved into a pity party or two, so I won't go there today.  My business coach gave me a comparison chart of the way pessimists and optimists think and I might actually be a pessimist.  But I'm pretty sure I can change that.  If I can switch from introvert to extrovert and emotional thinker to logical thinker, this should be no problem!

And that's pretty much it!  I'll see you around and I'm excited to be blogging (publicly) again.

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