Jan 15, 2018

Reading Review - My Reading Habits from 2017

After re-opening the blog, I was casting around for topics and struggling.  I started 5 different posts and quit them all after the first couple sentences.  Finally, I asked myself, "What would I be most excited to write about?"

Then I laughed because I'm so boring.  Books, of course!  So yes, I'm doing my end-of-year reading recap, which should be drastically different from last year's recap in which I read 100 books.  I mathed this out recently and realized that's about 2 books a week.  Ridiculous!  Now I'm a lot closer to 2 a month.

Book Stats

Last year I wrote "I shouldn't even bother to set goals, because I clearly have no idea what I'm going to do each year" and that remained true!  In 2016 I read 100 books after setting a goal of 50.  This past year I read 41 after setting a goal of 100.  Ah, reading time.  How I miss it.

My page count wasn't quite as far behind as the number of books, thanks to certain chunkers like Oathbringer (1,200 pages).  And I also did a few rereads of series like The Mortal Instruments and Mistborn, which was a plus for my wallet.


I'm always surprised by this!  I started counting backwards and I was like, "Yep, self help, yep, yep, more self help" and I guess I'd forgotten the beginning of the year when there was quite a bit o' fantasy.  Especially January before the baby was born.  Like 10 books!  Crazy!!!


I've gotten pretty good at quitting books I'm not enjoying so low star ratings are minimal.

5 Most Read Authors of 2016

I definitely went on a Sarah J. Maas kick.  I had been really hesitant to continue the Throne of Glass series after the first one a year or two ago, but they get SO MUCH BETTER!  And her other series, A Court of Thorns and Roses is sooo good.  So no regrets there.  I also did a few Rick Riordan and Ilona Andrews, because sometimes it's just easier to read more books by authors you already know you like instead of looking for new ones.

Overall I think the trend here is just that self help books are often one-offs.  Sure that author may have written quite a few, but I just read the one that's popular and then read more books by different authors on that same topic.  Whereas fantasy authors are super prolific and you naturally want to follow the thread of the story to its conclusion!

Bests and Mosts

One nice thing about this year - because I had less time to read, I was more deliberate in (most of) my reading choices.  So I never felt like I was overindulging or reading too much YA BS.  All reading that occurred in 2017 was hard-earned!  And most of it was pretty decent quality, as well.

What did your reading habits look like this year?  Do you have trouble setting a reading goal?  What were your bests and mosts???

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