Hey there! I'm Jenn and this is Optimization, Actually.

I'll start with me. I recently learned how to make collages on my phone, I refuse to take selfies seriously, and I'm really into smoothies (or any food that takes 5 minutes to make). Also fantasy and self help books, decluttering and organization, graphic design, health (sometimes), and my puppies, who are featured below.

Luke (black and tan) has been with us about 4 years and Toast (just tan)is a new-ish addition, who needs a lot of lovin' and patience to overcome whatever horrible things humanity has already done to her. Other featured characters are Orion (my baby), Ryan (my husband), Sister2 (the doctor), Sister3 (the engineer), Roommate (also our DM), and Momma (who has guest posted a couple times).

As for the blog - it's about self improvement, actualization, health, hobbies, life, fun, and all the things that make life good and that I want to share with you, in case you also enjoy them, so we can become best friends and pursue self actualization together!

In the past year, I've become a mom, grown my graphic design business, and tried really hard to narrow down on my priorities. I learned that trying to "do it all" results in a version of me that is sleep-deprived, mean to her husband, and generally unpleasant to be or be around. What that means for this blog is that I took a long hiatus, and now that I'm back, I still won't be putting the amount of attention into it that I did before.

Oh, look! An infographic. In case you wanted more elaboration on all about the things Jenn likes and that you're likely to see on this blog. (But no explanation of all this 3rd person phrasing. That you'll just have to live with.)

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