What I Wish Women Knew: The Possibilities in Technology are Endless

I have been fascinated in why women aren't flocking to the technology field for quite some time now. So it isn't surprising that recently when a coworker sent me this article it immediately hit home for me. A lot of what is laid out in that post I already knew but a few things really struck me. Two big facts hit me extra hard #3 specifically the part where women associated words like "difficult" and "boring" with Computer Science and that in conjunction with #9 is kind of frustrating (woman are the leaders in technology use).

Today I wanted to talk about how instead of being scared of the technology field, instead of thinking it is difficult and boring, why women should be excited about it instead. Before I get to the list of things you can do in the field, I want to make something clear: I do not believe technology is not the right place for everyone. I think it is amazing field and I truly believe that there are thousands of women who would be so happy and make such a great impact with a career in technology, but it isn't for everyone. If nothing below resonates with you, that is fine, go pursue a different passion. There is a big difference between not wanting to do something and not fully understanding what doing it means, and I want to make sure that the options are understood. Alright, now to find out if it is for you (your sister, your daughter, your friend, etc.), below are a list of possibilities in the technology field because they truly are endless and anything but boring, quite the contrary they can be fun, exciting, challenging, and make a real difference in the world.

Can you picture yourself doing any of these things?

  • Designing the new machine that will help detect breast cancer earlier than ever before and will be painless and easy to use.
  • Managing the team that is in charge of security features for Facebook and getting to help decide what does and doesn't get shared with others outside of your network.
  • Being a member of the product marketing team at Apple helping decide how and when to share each of the new features to the public.
  • Working at a non-profit helping deliver and set up computers at schools in third world countries.
  • Writing the code for new healthcare records software enabling patients and doctors better access to information and allowing them to communicate more efficiently and effectively.
  • Doing freelance work helping small companies setup and maintain their websites so they can reach more customers.
  • Designing an amazing user experience for the next new smartphone to come out so that it is easier to use and more intuitive for all users.
  • Running the IT department at a large hospital ensuring that the servers stay up and everything runs smoothly so the doctors can continue to focus on saving lives.
  • Working with customers and help deliver a product that perfectly meets their needs.
  • Building the next new piece of technology: the next go pro, the next smartphone, the next fitbit, the next smaller more powerful camera, the next thermometer, the electronic kitchen appliance, the next angry birds, the tablet, the e-reader, the next CT Scanner, etc.
  • Designing or developing the next ShopStyle, Bloglovin, or Passionfruit application.
  • Writing or editing the copy in a well used enterprise or commercial application.

The next time you find yourself being frustrated with a piece of technology, whether it is hardware or software, anything from an app on your smartphone to the thermostat in your house, instead of just feeling frustrated consider how you could make a difference. The Technology field is always in need of more smart and passionate people who want to make a difference in the world and are ready to make it a better place for us all to live. It is the fastest growing field and the possibilities in it are truly endless.

What new roles in the Technology field have you learned about today? How do you fit into the mix, what big difference are you going to make in the field?
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